Marrying far away is actually a "hoax"

Marrying far away is actually a "hoax"

Marrying far away is actually a trip that takes half a lifetime.

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the Spring Festival is coming.

during this period of time, there is a video on the Internet about "far-married girl, are you going home for the Spring Festival this year?"

in the video, a newlywed couple disagree on whose home they will return for the Spring Festival.

the husband's reason is very good: "this is the first year of our marriage, it is not reasonable not to take you home for the Spring Festival."

the wife gave in and went back to her mother-in-law's house with her husband.

however, in the next few years, because the child was small, because of the distance, and for various reasons, the girl who married far away from a foreign land was never able to accompany her parents for the Spring Festival.

before getting married, many girls who married far away thought that the transportation was so developed that it was easy for them to go back to their mother's house.

but after getting married, I found out that there were too many things involved.

like the girl in the video, marrying far away is sometimes really hard to be thorough.

A girl who marries far away is doomed to face loneliness

there is a hot topic on the Internet:

"how are the girls who marry for love doing now?"

topic was released, it poked the hearts of countless girls who married far away from a foreign land.

there is a bit called

@ Flying fish that can't swim

girl said:

she is from southern Fujian and married as far away as Shanxi.

when she first arrived in Shanxi, she caught a cold and fell ill all winter because her body could not adapt to the changing climate.

as a native southerner, she is not used to northern pasta.

but the hardest part was during the meal, when her husband's whole family was talking and laughing, but she kept eating because she didn't understand the language.

it's really distressing after reading it.

marrying far away means that you have to leave the environment where you grew up and go to a completely strange place.

means that you have to leave your familiar friends and relatives and join a family with different languages and habits.

also means that no matter you encounter setbacks or grievances in the future, you have to learn to face them by yourself.

that kind of life must be lonely.

my cousin is also married far away.

when she was in college, she had a boyfriend from the north.

Auntie has always opposed their marriage, but she can't beat her after all.

I remember that one night, I received a phone call from my cousin, chatting, and her voice suddenly choked up.

it turned out that she was at odds with her husband and ran out of home on the spur of the moment to find that the city in front of her was so strange that she had nowhere to go.

my comfort across the screen didn't make any real difference to her at all.

it was only at that moment that she really felt what it meant to be alone.

how many girls who marry far away think that they will be able to stay calm after a long time.

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but what they don't know is that life is full of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and the most trivial things in life.

especially for girls who are married far away, when your mother-in-law is aggrieved, you have no one to rely on except to swallow your tears.

because you can accept that you are vulnerable and feel sorry for your aggrieved parents and sisters, they are not with you.

A girl who marries far away is doomed to feel guilty about her parents

when I was young, I risked my life for love, thinking that distance was just a ticket.

only after going through the trials and tribulations of life can we understand that the distance is like a mountain and sea, and our parents are looking at it on that side, so we can only strive to cross it at this end.

I remember reading the story of a girl who married far away.

one night, her father suddenly fell to the ground at home.

her mother shouldered all the things by herself, and finally didn't want to tell her who was married to a foreign land.

during this period, her mother called her several times, although she felt that something had happened, but her mother refused to say, so she didn't ask questions.

later she found out that her mother called because her father wanted to see her very much. He was afraid that he would not be able to recover, so he just left.

there are many similar stories, but they all tell the same thing:

A daughter who marries far away is destined to be a child that her parents can't rely on.

when they are most in need of company, care and support, the little cotton-padded jacket held on the tip of their heart is thousands of miles away.

my grandmother lives next door to a pair of grandparents.

every time my mother takes me back to my grandmother's house, my grandfather and grandmother envy my grandmother very much and always like to hold my mother and chat with me.

it turned out that they also had a daughter, but they went to study abroad in high school, and later they simply settled abroad and got married.

when the old man was seriously ill, his daughter came back once. She originally wanted to say that the old man would be sent abroad for medical treatment, but because the old man knew that he was not in good health, he did not want to leave his hometown.

the old man also comforted his daughter in a dilemma:

"your mother and I are fine at home. Live your own life. It's no big deal, so don't keep running back."

but not long after his daughter left, the old man died quietly.

say goodbye when you leave, but we both know in our hearts that goodbye doesn't mean you can see it.

many girls, when they married far away, thought their parents were still in good health, thinking that as long as they were homesick, they just had to fly back.

but they didn't expect that from the moment you left home, you and your parents would see each other once in their lifetime.

A daughter who marries far away is destined to be a child lost by her parents.

they will not tell distant children when they fell or got sick, let alone easily say what they miss.

because for all parents, distance will stop love.

they are afraid that you dislike them and affect your life, and they don't want you to worry about them.

so, a girl who marries far away is bound to feel guilty about her parents.

Please keep a return ticket for yourself no matter how far you marry

I remember that my cousin had a trace of hesitation in her heart before she got married.

in one of our conversations, she asked me, "is it worthwhile for a girl to marry a foreign land for love?"

at that time, I only thought that it was too rare for a person to meet someone he really liked in his whole life.

what is the distance between the mountains and the sea?

but I overlook the fact that distance brings about completely different differences in language, diet and living environment, which cannot be covered up by a single ticket.

distant marriage is like a cut of life, cutting off all the friends and familiar places you have made in the first half of your life.

just as when we were young, we would stand on tiptoe to look out into the distance; after getting married, the girls could only crane their necks to look at their hometown.

most importantly, as a far-married daughter, she is bound to lose the opportunity to accompany her parents.

for parents who are getting old, the life of marrying their daughters will be out of their reach.

from then on, less than 1/10000000 thoughts passed over the phone can only be hidden in my heart and turned into a whispered exhortation: as long as you are happy.

all these things must be every girl who marries far away, and no matter how she does it, it will not be perfect.

there are countless troubles and misfortunes brought about by distant marriage.

so, do you want to get married or not?

cannot be treated absolutely.

is it possible that a close marriage is happier than a far marriage?

it's just that a woman who marries far for love is bound to bear more pressure.

the important thing is to see whether the person we marry far away is worth marrying and whether it is worth risking so much.

also, no matter how far you get married, please keep a return ticket for yourself.

this return ticket is your ability to remain financially independent.

it allows you to walk upright when you are alone in a foreign land.

it allows you to go back to your parents when they need you.

it is not only your strength, but also the strength that you can marry far away.

in the final analysis, marrying far away is actually a trip that takes half a lifetime.

therefore, you can not use this return ticket, but you can't do without it.