Making money is the cure for everything.

Making money is the cure for everything.

If life is too hard, don't rush to add sugar, make more money first.

recently, someone posted a post on the Internet about his experience after quitting:

"sleeps and eats better. You can cool your coffee in the morning and drink it. You can go to the gym whenever you want, and get up whenever you want."

even for those who fight again, no matter how much they pursue, you sometimes have to admit that it's nice to have a rest.

as the saying goes, the price of not working is nothing but money.

but you and I both know that it is better to make money than to have no money.

making money is the last word.

Why do more and more people not want to go to work?

you may have seen such a topic # don't want to go to work.

it has been a hot search on Weibo more than once, and by the time this article was published, it had been read more than 1.26 billion times and discussed more than 600,000 times.

more and more people don't want to go to work, and some people even say from time to time, "it would be nice if I could stay away from work all my life."

it is also common in news reports:

after working overtime for half a month, the Beijing girl finally went home early on her birthday. In the middle of taking a taxi, she was called back by her boss and burst into tears on the spot on the ride-hailing.

programmers in Wuhan don't get off work until 10: 50 p. M. and call their families while eating, and they can't help crying.

the veteran employees of the company for many years were in a bad state when they were ill and made some mistakes when they went to work with illness, which caused the leaders to scold: "if you can't do this well, aren't you ashamed?"

there is always an argument that we used to have to work as well, but few people complain that nowadays people really can't bear hardships any more.

but in fact, the average working time in 2018 was 8 hours and 34 minutes, nearly an hour more than 10 years ago. Not to mention that in the last two years, some people need to work from home, and the original 8-hour work has been extended to on call.

in this year's "Workplace stress report", the stress of ordinary people has reached the highest point. In the survey for three consecutive years, adults are suffering more and more.

but what are our expectations?

sometimes we either want to be lazy, or we don't want to follow the track given by others every day. We have our own goals, our own attitudes, our own ways of doing things.

compared to the unreachable performance appraisal, we prefer to make down-to-earth efforts and have a definite and good result....

that's all, not many jobs can be satisfied.

people in the workplace, take a step further or step back, sometimes in a flash.

all quitting at the cost of no money is not rational enough

everyone has different ideas to start work. Some people think it's the only way to go. Some people are interested in the task at hand, others are in order to realize their self-worth.

but no one can escape, and the biggest goal must be to make more money.

there used to be a heartbreaking saying on the Internet: "if you even need to be coaxed to make money, you deserve to have no money."

it's not cruel, it's reality.

A girl who works in the cosmetics industry has long suffered from a single day off and no annual leave. She was caught up in a conflict with her leader, so she decisively offered to resign.

at first she was very comfortable at home, shopping in the supermarket, eating snacks and feeling very happy.

until she stayed at her mother's place for two nights, she suddenly felt a little want to cry.

that place is the dormitory of the factory, with only a bed of 1.2 meters, and the two can only sleep together. The aisle is narrow and the toilet is public.

if someone speaks next door, it will wake up, and someone will wake up when the lights are turned on in the middle of the night.

her mother suggested that she take the teacher's qualification certificate, but she also thought about it. It costs money to buy materials and sign up for courses, and she may not be able to pass the exam.

A more realistic situation is that she owes 50,000 Alipay and all her previous savings have been used up.

when you see what you used to buy when you go shopping, you are afraid to pay for it now; when you receive a bill that you owe, but you don't have a salary to pay it back; when you can't sleep all night and can't figure out how to go in the future, you won't be happy.

the days without money are far more difficult than work.


@ little brother Wenlong

quit for more than a year to travel, finally decided to go back to work, the reason is very simple, poor travel also costs money, but also spend money saved at work.

this is a case of savings, what about you?

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there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

even if you have to stand up once after thousands of patience, you should at least have enough money, or get into a better company, do not have enough reserves, and don't let yourself pay for impulse.

at the expense of poverty, it is not worth it.

No one doesn't work hard, just in different ways

many people have wondered why they always work the most, work the most and earn the least compared with others.

in fact, you think so only because you have not experienced other people's lives.

in 2019, it was reported that white-collar workers born in the 1990s quit their jobs of 10,000 yuan to sell roast pig's feet.

it was an alumni reunion that made him resign firmly. He was surprised to see that his old classmate who had not even been admitted to college had opened a big stall and bought a high-end car.

people are living an unboiled life, but there are layoffs in their industry every few days. He thinks carefully that it is best to be a snack stand.

he set up a stall to sell pigsHooves, after hair removal, first blanch water, and finally brine.

the meat cooked in the stove is first cooled, then placed on the barbecue grill and sprinkled with seasoning.

whether it is paying for publicity or making billboards, he has made a lot of efforts.

but after a few days, he felt that he didn't make any money and split the pig's feet in half for sale. as a result, the customers immediately became unhappy and said that he had raised the price in disguise.

and because he bakes slowly, he has to be busy late every day.

different jobs have different hardships.

the stall owner gets up in the early morning to earn a few more yuan


employees of state-owned enterprises from nine to five are doing repetitive work, and I don't know when it will be the head.

programmers in large factories have already pined away after working overtime in 996.

Bo on the ground floor mainly lives in the basement and has to maintain the exquisite appearance.

whether it's mental stress, interpersonal grievances, or physical fatigue, you always have to suffer the same.

writer Yuki Kawamura once said: "Human beings always look from the life they choose to another life they have no choice, and feel envious and regret."

in fact, work is not difficult or easy. Since you will be paid, you will not be completely happy.

instead of looking up to the happiness of others, it is better to do what you have at hand.

Please heal your wounds caused by life by making money

I have seen countless complaints, the sweetness of the work is only enough to fill one pocket, and several trucks are also dissatisfied with the hardship of the work.

but if you want to cure these sufferings, the word "money" is enough.

since her mother fell ill and her family owed a lot of foreign debts, Xue Mengting, a girl from Qingdao, was forced to make money desperately.

people at the same site think that she is not only weak, but also pampered, which is not reliable at all, but she persists.

from the moment she received the order, she measured it in seconds for fear of running out of time.

she had encountered bad road conditions, physical tiredness, and all kinds of extreme weather. in the wind and sun, her white face darkened and her hands wore calluses.

because she sends out 50 or 60 bills a day and has a good attitude towards customers, her salary begins to exceed 10,000 a month.

every time someone interviewed her, she smiled:

"whether you are tired or not is just a process. What matters is whether you achieve your goal or not.


in the adult world, no one is without injury.

it's a good thing that God is fair enough. Work will treat you the way you feel about your work.

before Li Shanglong went to New Oriental to give a lecture, he was rejected in his heart: "my first hatred in my life is English, and the second is my teacher. Why don't you rub these two together and let me be?"

but what really made him stay was the sentence: "We can give you an annual salary of millions."

but he will spend 30 hours preparing lessons, practicing 10 times in front of the podium, and then telling the students.

lasted for a year, he became a famous teacher of New Oriental, and his income was really high.

when he started by sharing his own experience, writing a book, and creating a "test worm" network based on the lecturer's experience, he made a lot of money, but that reluctance was nothing.

the parasite says, "money is an iron that can iron everything out."

although there is not only a job in life, but with a job, we can live a good life.

if you want to eat and wear, you need money; where you want to go, you have to save money for your ticket; what you want to do, you have to use money to support it; and you have to spend money to cure even an occasional illness.

"stop those useless complaints.

if life is too hard, don't rush to add sugar, make more money first.