Long-distance relationships are really hard.

Long-distance relationships are really hard.

The hardest part is the next time I see you.

my friend gave me a white look, saying that one home is in Dongguan and one home is in Shantou. When I go home, it is also a different place.

for long-distance relationships, halving the distance is enough to make people happy for a long time.

said that her previous long-distance relationships had no good results, and then recently a long-distance boy confessed his love to her. She hesitated because she thought long-distance relationships were too difficult.

distance is a difficult problem to bypass.

while waiting for the subway back, the announcement of "some lines have been shut down" sounded, only to find that it was almost 11:00. Looking around, I was the only one in the empty subway except for the rumble.

then I said on Wechat, "I missed my stop by accident."

I couldn't help laughing when I saw that sentence. Then the next subway roared in, and as I walked in, I replied, "I'm all right."

she asked me if I was asleep, and then said, "Wake up!" And then accompanied by a crazily shaking gesture of grabbing the shoulder.

companionship is the second problem that is hard to get around.

but I never said "I want you by my side" to her at that stage.

but the phrase "I miss you" is actually very powerless.

but this sentence "I miss you too" does not relieve any feelings of missing, it will only make people tired in the long repetition.

thinking of meeting the next day, all the bad things before were left behind.

but "I'll find you" makes everything all right.

the hardest thing in a different place is neither distance nor companionship. means "see you next time".

but every time a boy comes back from abroad, a girl will take a picture and send it to her moments. I feel that there may be few opportunities to meet, so the photo will stay with me for longer.

but once people from two places get together, even if they just eat and watch movies like ordinary couples, they think it's too rare.

although love is not to dominate life, even if the other person is not around, what should be done will never be left behind. But once the other person appears around, I can't wait to put other things aside and cherish that little time.

but I can't help thinking that I have to wait a long time before I can see you again.

but unfortunately, it also proves that I really like it.

so the reader who left a message in the background hesitated again and again.

but in fact, I always feel that it is always troublesome to fall in love, and it is always difficult to stay in love for a long time.

the "find it difficult" is not just a long-distance relationship.

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on the contrary, it is often about who can make this less difficult, or who is rarely willing to do so.

find a guy who is "whatever because it's you".

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