In the new year, I would like to spend the rest of my life with joy

In the new year, I would like to spend the rest of my life with joy

May everything you encounter be warm and everything you want come true.

the years change and the four seasons cycle.

before you know it, 2022 has arrived.

We yearn for peace and health more than ever. But no matter what kind of tribulations we have had this year, we have already passed.

if you walk past, you will win!

No matter how long the night is, the day will come!

all the most beautiful scenery will be met in the new year, and all the warmest wishes will be realized in the new year!

A wish for health and longevity, peace and happiness

"Partridge Sky" Song Li Li

grow the five blessings of the gate. Chang Zhen rejoiced at the beginning of the feast.

Wang Huan drunken shot spring shirt dance, today see Kangqiang 1999.

the spirit is cheerful, the bone is fresh and firm. The old karma of the sun and the moon.

from now on, we will make the spring breeze smile and be the longevity immortal in the world.

A man doesn't have to be rich all his life.

in the limited time, eating well, sleeping well, living well and spending every day healthily is more important than anything else.

May we all be healthy, safe, and disaster-free in the new year. Always happy, always happy!

I would like to smile often and have no worries for the rest of my life

"miscellaneous feelings" Song Luyou

the sky is clear and Yunshu rolls up, and the wind catkins in the court come back.

this is often the case with freedom in life, so what can you do without laughing?

Feng Zikai once said: "when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small; if you look down on the vicissitudes of the world, your heart is safe and sound."

think about everything from multiple angles and face all difficulties with a positive and optimistic attitude. Smile is always there and luck is always there.

in the new year, may we smile often, be optimistic and be a happy person!

three wishes for all the best and good things to come

Song Zhao Changqing

the wrong feast begins between Sheng and song. Happy New year.

the vegetables are delicate, the hands are green and the hair is fine. And Qi into the east wind.

I am sorry to wake up and win. Wear it more beautifully.

I wish you good luck and Pepsi after the Spring Festival.

on the first day of the new year, let bygones be bygones and let troubles be thrown out.

smile in the eyes, love in the heart, life is so lovely.

Are you looking for gown ivory cocktail to shape your figure and show off to the world? This selection are thoughtfully designed exclusively for you.

wish us all the best and good luck in the new year!

four wishes for family reunion, care can be placed

"Autumn Rain eight" Song Luyou

in the late autumn, the leaves are slightly dyed, and the light rain is rustling and cold again.

watch the broken clouds return to Gukou and send them to Jianggan with the new wild geese.

turbid mash is easy to bear ordinary debts, but it is difficult to retire.

thanks for the fame, there is nothing wrong with it. In front of the lamp, the children talk about the group


at the beginning of New Year's Day Fu, there was a small reunion in the world.

on this holiday season, there should be nothing more enjoyable than a family sitting around for a reunion dinner.

to see the loved ones I have missed for a long time and return to my familiar and warm hometown, the most beautiful thing in the world is reunion!

May time is not old, and years treat you as before

"Shuyun, farewell School Book of Xie Kuilou, Xuanzhou" Tang Li Bai

yesterday is irrevocable to abandon what I have passed away;

what disturbs my mood is a lot of annoyance today.

when the long wind blows thousands of miles to send Qiu Yannan, you can drink high-rise buildings with delight at this scene.

the writings of Penglai Palace in your school have the character of Jianan. I am like Xie Shi and Qingfa Junxiu.

We both cherish the ambition of Yi Xing and lofty ambition Ling Yun, and want to go up to the blue sky to win the bright moon.

when you draw a knife and blow through the river, the river flows more fiercely, and the sorrow of raising your glass is even more sorrowful.

if one cannot live satisfactorily in the world, it is better to go drifting in a boat in the Ming Dynasty.

Life is a process of constant gains and losses.

what you lose is what you gain. Gains and losses depend on each other. There are losses and gains.

in the new year, may the mountains grow and the waters be wide, the scenery remain the same, the time remains the same, you and I remain the same.

six wishes that husband and wife are in love, holding hands and white heads are suitable

"longevity Girl" Feng Yansi of the five dynasties

Spring banquet, green wine is sung over and over again.

pay homage to Chen's three wishes again:

one wish Lang Jun is a thousand years old, two wish my concubine Chang Jian,

three wishes are like Liang Shangyan, who meet each other at the age of one year.

in a person's life, it is easy to fall in love, but difficult to keep each other; it is easy to know each other, but it is difficult to keep company.

can accompany through most of the life time, each other's friendship has long been turned into a normal porridge and a meal, a thought and a thought, although plain, but melted into bone blood.

time is like a song, please give me a lot of advice for the rest of my life!

Seven wishes that the old friends will not part, and the mountains and rivers will eventually meet

"passing through the Old Man Village" Tang Meng Haoran

my old friend prepared yellow rice and roast chicken and invited me to his simple Tian family.

outside the village is surrounded by green trees, and in the suburbs are green hills.

push open the window and face the field garden, drinking wine and chatting about farming mulberry hemp.

wait until the day of Double-ninth Day in September, come and taste the chrysanthemum wine again.

Life is short. Don't wait any longer.

time waits for no man, time does not wait for you, some people, turn around is a lifetime.

New year, may time not be old, may old friends stay together, make an appointment with friends, and have fun with wine!

eight wishes to be content with Changle, and will become annoying

"04:00 Pastoral Zaxing" Song Fan Chengda

go out weeding during the day and hunt for hemp at night, so that the sons and daughters of the peasant family can run their own homes.

my little grandson doesn't know how to plow and weave yet.Also close to mulberry shade to learn to grow melons.

you can always be happy if you know how to be contented, just like a pair of couplets, you can always be content with things, and you can be proud of yourself when you have nothing to ask for.

find the joy of life in the ordinary, often contented, often happy!

2022, may we live a lively life and make the years gentle and long. Follow the heart and fate, carefree, free and easy.

Nine wish to live in the present, walk all the way and cherish

"Golden clothes" Tang du Qiuniang

advise you not to cherish the golden clothes, advise you to cherish when you are young.

the flowers must be folded when they bloom, but don't wait for the flowers to break empty.

We are always looking for happiness, thinking that happiness is somewhere else.

but after going around, we find that the one we love most is right in front of us, and the best happiness is around us.

Don't wait to regret when you miss it, and don't wait to miss it when you are old.

there is no need to ask for the most precious thing in life. Instead of searching for it, it is better to live in the present and cherish the present in order to live up to this good time!

Ten wishes for peace throughout the year and a lifetime of happiness

Song Lu Weilao

take off your clothes with a smile and talk about cooking cigarettes.

where to get drunk, roar into the kettle with Jun Shu.

long strange situation is narrow, how can a glass of wine allow us not to be relegated to the immortal ship.

Yazhi read the lake and sea, a small boat with a silk pole.

all the way through the night, under the lamp and candle, I feel free.

the place of one's life is not in the inside and outside and in the middle.

check that the spring breeze is joyful, but the poetic feeling changes, and the rest is relieved.

the color pen inscribes the tung leaf, the good sentence asks the peace.

in an autumn of vegetation, prosperity and withering is fate; life is light and mediocre. Please smile and greet a new spring with kindness, sincerity and enthusiasm.

I wish you a smooth journey, peace throughout the four seasons and happiness in the new year.

2022, may you be a better yourself. May you not regret the present and fear the future. Live up to your time and yourself.

2022, may you be a happy person, with poems, wine, bosom friends, flowers, tea and laughter!

2022, may everything you encounter be warm and everything you want come true. The mountains and rivers are safe, you and I are in good health!