In a comfortable relationship, you can say "nonsense".

In a comfortable relationship, you can say "nonsense".

For the rest of our lives, may we all meet the one who says "nonsense" with you.

writer Liu Tongzeng said:

"A comfortable relationship is that the other person can talk about any topic, not because the other person is knowledgeable, but because the other person is extremely interested."

because you are interested, TA is willing to listen and communicate no matter what you say, even if it is unimportant "nonsense".

in front of TA, you can open your heart and say "nonsense" freely without worrying about the annoyance of the other person or which words will be wrong.

when you get along with such people, you will find that "nonsense" is also a kind of happiness, and life itself is a kind of beauty.

and this is the most comfortable relationship between people.

A good friendship is hidden in unimportant nonsense

there is a new word on the Internet called "best friend of nonsense".

" refers to a friendship in which we can crazily input nonsense.

We don't expect each other to help us. As long as we can listen to each other's unnutritious nonsense, we are best friends. "

the world of adults is always full of too much busyness and rush.

those who are willing to stop to talk nonsense with us are not because of anything else, but because they care about us.

and good friendship is hidden in these unimportant "nonsense".

my best friend Xiaomi said to me, "do you know why we become best friends?"


I remember that when we first met, she used to share her favorite songs and movies with me, and I would really listen to her recommended songs and see her recommended movies.

later, we became acquainted with each other and became to share our lives.

she complained that the company was too far from the subway station. I told her that there was a movie that was very good;

she took a picture of dusk, and I posted the plush toy I just bought.

she said she had just had a cup of milk tea this afternoon, and I said I might go to dinner in the evening.

in this way, we can talk nonsense unscrupulously. We don't have to worry about delaying each other's rest, nor are we afraid of being laughed at and ignored.

and the most comfortable state of a friendship is probably like this:

you can say whatever you want, you can show your fragile side, and you can share the trivialities and messiness of life.

because, you know, the other person is someone you can trust, but also a friend who really cares about you.

as Zhang Xianyi said in a program:

"can give a lot of their emotions to each other, that is the most rare friend."

in my life, I have met thousands of people, but true friends are hard to find.

if you meet someone who is willing to listen to your nonsense, please cherish it with your heart.

True love is all about "nonsense"

writer Su Cen once said: "Happiness is probably finding someone who is willing to listen to your nonsense."

and true love, in fact, is all "nonsense".

because two people who love each other can't help but want to say a lot of "nonsense" and want to tell you all about what happened today and the people they met.

this mentality, we call it the desire to share.

the stronger the desire to share, the better the relationship between two people, because the essence of sharing is passion and love.

in sharing back and forth, two people can learn more about each other and deepen their love for each other.

in short, a good love or marriage is a lot of nonsense.

is like Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan in show business.

in a variety show, the host asked Zhao Youting, "do you talk much with Gao Yuanyuan at home?"

Zhao Youting replied: "very many."

moreover, it is not just Zhao Youting who is saying that Gao Yuanyuan is listening, but both people are talking.

however, in everyone's impression, Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan belong to the kind of people who are more introverted and untalkative.

but in love, meet the right person, two introverts, can also have endless "nonsense".

those trivial daily life, lazy afternoons and leisure time can all be the source of chat.

I have heard a saying: "the by-product of love is nonsense."

if you really love someone, you will want to tell you all the "nonsense", and you will respond to all your "nonsense" tirelessly.

this is not only a kind of happiness, but also a comfortable way to get along.

and between lovers, if you want a stable and long-term relationship, there must be a person who loves to talk "nonsense" and a person who loves to listen to "nonsense".


the one who is willing to talk nonsense to you at any time is the one who understands you best.

the person who is willing to listen to your nonsense is also the one who loves you most.

behind the "nonsense", there is an inextricably strong affection

in the sixth season of "Strange stories", a debater said something like this:

"before the age of 20, you will think your parents are nagging; after the age of 40, you will think it's nice to have parents nagging;

you will understand that it doesn't matter what your parents say, what matters is that they are giving their time and feelings for you. "

parents, it is this worldThe people who love us the most in the world.

their nagging and repeated advice may seem to you to be just "nonsense".

but behind all this nonsense is "I love you".

see a story on the Internet:

the blogger is married far away and has a phone call with his family once a week.

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but she didn't think she had anything important, and what she said on the other end of the phone was also some repetitive "nonsense", so she just said two or three sentences at a time and hung up.

later, her brother once politely reminded her:

"you are often away from your mother, so you can talk to your mother for a while when you make a phone call, so don't make her feel like she can't reach you."

what her younger brother said suddenly woke her up.

it turns out that my mother does not like to say "nonsense", nor does she like to repeat nagging, but because she loves you, she will tell you over and over again.

she felt very guilty about it.

there is a lot of "nonsense" in the contents of their phone calls.

and it is this "nonsense" that gives us the opportunity to love and be loved.

I have read a sentence: "the nagging of your parents in your life is the love that other people dream of hearing."

Don't wait until you lose it, to realize it's too late.

Life is short, so don't let your parents be too lonely and don't let yourself be too sorry.

cherish your parents who say "nonsense" to you and spend more time with them, even if it's just a phone call, even if it's just listening to them talk nonsense.

because, in our parents' nonsense, there is our greatest happiness.

have seen a study:

"in daily chat, if more than 90% of what a person says is nonsense, then that person is easy to feel happy.

if the nonsense is less than 50%, the sense of happiness is not enough. "

that is, the more "nonsense" you say in a relationship, the easier it is to be happy.

Yes, the happiest thing in the world is that someone is willing to talk nonsense with you for the rest of your life.

and the most comfortable relationship must be a lot of "nonsense" together.

30,000 words of nonsense disturb only one or two people.

, may we all meet the person who says "nonsense" with you for the rest of our life, and then bravely love it and live warmly.