I'm remembering you.

I'm remembering you.

I've been meaning to tell you that for a long time.

I don't know if you received any apples, chocolates, or any "I remember you" signal this Christmas Eve.

finally, use post-it notes to express: my good friend, don't forget me even after graduation.

so that every Christmas evening repair, I will find some more "Don't forget me" chocolates in the drawer.

but this is also a matter of course, after college, out of society, who will want those "I remember you"?

because the world will always record the first place.

finally changed from "be strong" to "overexert".

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling pageant attire for females? They are classic and flawless for any occasion.

can't hold on, say "I'm fine".

but pain is pain.

I've seen too many questions about "how to get better" in the cluttered background, but in fact, you should ask: "how should I remember?"

remember, sad is sad,

remember, yourselves.

I like to use the word "sunk bottom" to describe "forget". There are too many things worth putting on top in our lives: studies, offer, postgraduate entrance examination, love, career planning and so on.

Let that fragile, lonely self fall into the sea.

[disorganized 2017 "mediocre conceited year-end gift box]

after opening 👉, the name 👈

the name itself is angular