I'm not surprised that she was scolded by the whole network.

I'm not surprised that she was scolded by the whole network.

Maybe it is no longer brilliant now, but it was once brilliant and let us pursue it crazily.

recently, my uncle is a little bit on top!

many major dramas attack at the same time, and they are overwhelmed by successive attacks.

among them, "Family Honor" is a hot search one after another, was praised to the sky.

A glance at the cast, but a rare battle: Zhang Zhilin, Yang Yi, Li Caihua, Xiong Dailin.

familiar old faces fill up the expected value in an instant!

can be brushed 2 episodes in a row, uncle's embarrassing cancer is about to be committed.

Infighting among rich and powerful families, power disputes, grudges and grudges. Mechanically superimpose all kinds of "all too much, all crazy" elements of catching horses.

the setting of all the villains, putting aside the novel coat, there are only familiar dog blood routines inside.

under the banner of the Korean version of "Top floor", the plot is full of slots, which surprised the audience.

Ben went for his feelings, but he watched it, but there were only a few sighs left.

the heyday of the "era of Hong Kong Opera" has ceased to exist after all!

once upon a time, how many people had a good heart in Hong Kong TV series.

but in recent years, not only the ratings have plummeted, but also word-of-mouth is not as good as before.

Ouyang Zhenhua and Ma Dezhong's "partnering to do great things", the score of Douban is only 5.8.

the fifth installment of the classic series "Sister Tuojun" fell to 6.2.

although Hong Kong dramas have been pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, the unique essence of Hong Kong flavor is declining day by day.

Hong Kong dramas have dominated the screen for more than 30 years, but what people did not expect is that today's dramas will be made one by one.

when it comes to Hong Kong dramas, it is no longer as simple as a classic.

when we return to the era of Hong Kong Drama, every one of them has impressed us deeply.

"Shanghai Beach" 1980

"Shanghai Bund" became popular all over the country as soon as it was broadcast, and became the memory of an era.

Xu Wenqiang's handsome and unrestrained image and Feng Chengcheng's beautiful and gentle temperament are deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience!

at that time, boys wore suits and white scarves, while girls wore braids. The street is full of shadows of Xu Wenqiang and Feng Chengcheng.

two people share an oil paper umbrella in the snow, heroic beauty, ten thousand years at a glance, a mistake for life.

it has love-- the love and hate entanglements, joys and sorrows of Xu Wenqiang, Feng Chengcheng, Ding Li and others;

there are also rivers and lakes-- a struggle between swords and swords, a game in which the country hates family feud.

Xu Wenqiang thinks that with his own blood, he can go all over the world and break through the world.

however, "Shanghai Bund" is Shanghai Bund after all, and there is no peaceful life in troubled times.

fighting and fighting, Xu Wenqiang did not come to a good end. At the moment of life and death, his heart was full of regret and grief.

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Love appears powerless and pale in the face of reality, and finally dissipates in the "providence".

"the waves run to the waves, thousands of miles are surging, and the rivers never stop."... " It has become a household name and a popular song sung by everyone.

every time I hear a song, I feel as if I have returned to an exciting time.

"Sister Tuoqian" 1998

as a police and gangster drama, it subverts the routine of strong men and weak women in previous police and gangster dramas, and has a distinct female perspective and female consciousness.

the core protagonists are two policewomen, and the shaping of the characters is refreshing.

they are not divine soldiers, they have a lot of shortcomings, but they upgrade and fight monsters all the way.

Chen Sanyuan, from a bold rookie entering the workplace, has grown into a cool and stable female policewoman.

and Chu Su-E, a happy civilian teacher, joined the police force only for the sake of "high salary and high income," and later became an independent woman with responsibility.

"Sister Tuo Gun" is not only a police and gangster drama, but also a life drama.

the plot is not only about solving the case, but also along the track of the growth and transformation of the two policewomen, recording family members, emotional entanglements, and career setbacks.

in this play, everyone has shortcomings, not rigid, dogmatic, but fragile and soft.

the audience can not only gain insight into the depth of human nature through the cases in the play, but also feel the warmth and coolness of human feelings through life.

every angle is seen with relish, which is unforgettable to this day.

Chronicles of seeking Qin 2001

A Chronicles of seeking Qin was born, which is still called "the first masterpiece of traversing drama" because it is so amazing.

as Xiang Shaolong of the future, the initial purpose of crossing is very simple.

in order to turn the clock back to save his girlfriend's heart, Xiang Shaolong agreed to participate in the experiment of traveling through time and space.

travel through time and space to witness the moment when Qin Shihuang ascended the throne, just take some pictures and bring them back to modern times.

"searching for Qin" is not only Qin Shihuang, but also his girlfriend Qin Qing.

Love and friendship made him begin to understand the relationship between people with his heart and learn to treat others with his heart.

he also has someone he wants to protect and starts trying to change something.

Xiang Shaolong, starting from the samurai at the bottom, went through a life-and-death struggle of sinister hearts and intrigues, and finally helped win the government to the throne.

finally, after he gave up returning to modern times, he lived a life of seclusion.

of course, even supporting roles have grown.

from Zhao Pan to Yi Zheng, from ignorance of the world to ruthlessness, Li Zheng knows that he has no power and can only be slaughtered and forced.Forcing him to grow up step by step.

what is more rare is that the play is also very attentive to the shaping of female characters.

Qin Qing, who is beautiful, wise and versatile, Wu Tingfang, who dares to love and hate, is generous and gentle. All have their own unique charm.

not rigid, not in love, women do not only have emotional lines, but have their own life and career, with extraordinary wisdom and courage.

in this play, every character is fresh and flexible, which can make people share the same sorrows and joys.

even later, the time travel drama became popular and popular, and became popular and popular. Occasionally, in retrospect, it is still the best memory from the bottom of my heart.

No matter how many times you revisit it, you won't get tired of it. I think this may be the greatest charm of this show.

"Golden Branch desires iniquity" 2004

"Jin Zhi Yuyi" is called the ancestor of Gong Dou Opera.

Erchun, Yuying, Ruyue and Anxi are four people in the play, each with a different character and destiny.

the acting skills of Li Zi, she Shiman, Zhang Keyi and Deng Suiwen are both online, adding a different kind of moving color to the character.

there is no heroine halo, no high-energy Mary Sue, and no moral kidnapping trial.

but in the deep walls of the palace, each of them can not stay out of it, calculating painstakingly, but also has his own helplessness.

at first, you may think that all the staff are bad people, such as Yue evil, er Chunyin, jade Ying silly, Anxi bad.

but how can there be absolutely good and bad guys in this world?

Human nature is always complex, with weaknesses and armor. In the face of fate, they are involuntarily passers-by, fighting for power and framing each other for their own interests.

then, you will find that hateful people must have sad sufferings. They have struggled and helpless, and they are also pitiful people.

every woman in the palace wall has a story, but every story is a tragedy.

the end of the story also seems to tell us:

the struggle for power is that no one can grasp the overall situation and laugh at the end. Only some people will lose and no one will win at all.

unlike other palace fighting dramas, what this play wants to show is far from the darkest human nature brought about by palace fighting, but a kind of compassion and heartache.

No matter how bad the person is, he still retains the last innocence in his heart.

No matter how dark the world is, there is always goodwill shining in the corner you can't see.

after many years, the Golden Branch is still an indelible light and shadow, and it is the regret and helplessness in the hearts of many viewers.

Forensic Vanguard 2006

when it comes to the most impressive scene in Forensic Pioneer, I dare say it is an absolutely domineering and unrestrained opening.

whenever there is a murder, forensics, forensics and the police force all appear at the scene of the murder. That's so handsome! )

the plot is wonderful, and the process of solving the case is vivid.

it is refreshing to solve a case in terms of both the type of case and forensic evidence.

the combination of forensics, forensics and police is simply the strongest regiment in my uncle's mind.

can peel cocoons from seemingly useless "garbage", solve cases, and find the real culprits.

of course, the place that captures the audience most is that they, as protagonists, are full of stories and reveal strong human feelings.

Gao Yanbo, played by Ouyang Zhenhua, is the soul of the whole play, calm, rational and insightful.

spare no effort at work, sometimes you can solve a case with only a hint of clues, but never rush for quick success and quick profit.

"people lie, but the evidence doesn't."

in life, he is a model of a good man at home, taking care of his sick wife and trying to make her happy, gentle and considerate.

however, it is regrettable that in the years since then, criminal investigation dramas and police and gangster dramas have become worse and worse, and have fallen into an endless cycle of eating old money.

Forensic Vanguard, accidentally became the last afterglow of criminal investigation drama.

"Heart Storm" 2007

the competition between the rich and powerful is all about money.

A Tangji seafood shop has 600 million assets and a family of nine, and the family relationship is even more complicated.

however, where there are many people, there is also a lot of right and wrong, and there are countless stories that can be told.

Business war, family property struggle, polygonal love …... All of them firmly caught the audience's eye, and all the sets had their own tipping points.

living under the same roof, we have lived in peace for several decades, but we are still unwilling to do so. For the sake of children and interests, grievances accumulate more and more.

in front of money, the ugliest side of human nature is completely naked.

however, after seeing through the truth behind it, each has its own sorrow.

in addition to family infighting, love is also a highlight of the show.

understand that love is not only happiness and sweetness, but also deceit and betrayal, tears and sadness.

also learned to treat each other rationally, but lovers are not attached to people, keeping the soul free and spiritually independent.

however, imperfection is the most real life!

the collision between human nature and values, catalyzing the emotion revealed, is even more moving.

and its ending will never let you down.

No matter how tortuous the process is, there will always be a Happy Ending.

"Family matters are bigger than days, and family affection is the most important."

it seems that no matter how much wealth or great achievement, it is not as good as a family sitting around for a meal.

Home is always a harbor where you can turn back, and you can always get a warm embrace.

"Hong Kong dramas are not often seen in rivers and lakes, but there are legends everywhere."

Hong Kong dramas really had a pleasant heyday.

but I do not know when to start, year after year, day after day, full of indescribable films, watching once and doubting life.

maybe it's because we have too much attachment to Hong Kong dramas.

Zhang Zhilin once said:

"my own life has been devoted to acting, and all my youth has been given to you."

I have to say that this is what makes all those who love Hong Kong dramas feel saddened the most.

those familiar faces, from the simple ignorance of youth, to the maturity and stability of the years.

but are the Hong Kong dramas in those years not our youth?

maybe it is no longer brilliant now, but it was once brilliant and let us pursue it crazily.

in its light and shadow, it hides our constant youth and years, and quietly integrates into our lives; it gives us too many unforgettable experiences and experiences, and accompanies us to complete too much growth and transformation.

instead of feeling uneasy in Hong Kong dramas, it is better to expect that it will open a window and rekindle its brilliance.

, always miss the starry era!