"I'm about to graduate. I don't know anything."

"I'm about to graduate. I don't know anything."

A leisurely college life.

enter "graduation" on Taobao, and it will automatically associate "graduation thesis".

this is probably the highest average degree industry on Taobao.

in less than a minute of browsing, I saw stores that had sold more than 10,000 in several months, with the highest one being more than 70,000.

in other words, there are a large number of people who do not even have the ability to complete their graduation thesis after four years of college.

the class next door, Lao K, ran to the teacher when he got the selected topic for the graduation project, "teacher, is this too difficult?"

Lao K, with a bitter face, almost blurted out that he just wanted to finish his career safely.

after four years of class, there is really no one who can be linked to this thing.

Lao K said: "when I was a freshman, I certainly didn't believe I could master such complex knowledge and skills in three months." I laughed.

he quickly added: "I mean, what I have learned in the past four years is really not helpful to this graduation project." In other words, if I were forced to be a freshman, I would certainly be able to do something in three months. When I think about it, I suddenly feel like I've been in college for four years. I'm about to graduate. I don't know anything. "

Lao K is different from me. He likes programs and enjoys coding extremely.

then after half the semester, Lao K did not come to class.

he said that everything the teacher said was what he knew in junior high school, and it was not even an introduction, so it was a waste of time in class.

I asked what to scold.

this reminds me of one thing.

in our school, the difficulty of curriculum design is the same as a holiday.

the reason for talking about these three things is that looking back on the four years of college, I always feel that there are a lot of paradoxes.

so people tell me that college, like work, depends on self-consciousness.

there has been almost no stress in the past four years. The essence of college is leisurely, with 60 points almost as good as 100 points.

this is due to contemporary people's positioning of the university:

when people talk about Peking University and Tsinghua University, their psychological feelings are very similar to those of civil servants: they all have stable jobs, can make money, and have status.

when many fresh students go to the interview, the most they can say is: "I can learn, I am very good at learning."

what is even more ironic is that people who work for half a year after graduation can improve their ability much more than those who work for four years after graduation.

used to buy graduation design, but now it is impossible to buy KPI;

at the end of another semester. Many people may be in a daze on their way home and do not know what they have done this year.


roommate found a well-paid job, but he said: "although this is very greedy, but I do think I do not like the current job, it is torture, although it is really good pay."

the last thing is that there was a freshman who told me that she was still young and could not write good things. After a few years, when she matured and her mind deepened, she would be able to write good works.

forcing you as a freshman to do the graduation project four years later may be better than you four years later. Because four years of college may not only learn nothing, but also be leisurely wear away too much of our spirit-twelve years of study, the habit of waking up at 6: 30 in the morning is thrown away instantly in college, which is a matter of great fear.

to put it bluntly, university is an extraordinarily paradoxical device in this society. it is far less useful than we thought, but it has trapped a lot of people's time.

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