If you talk to others and talk less about yourself, there will be more and more blessings.

If you talk to others and talk less about yourself, there will be more and more blessings.

People who are really powerful know how to keep silent at the right time and understand the truth that there are many words that must be lost.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "A gentleman wants to be slow in words and quick in deeds."

means: people should talk less and do more.

how you speak, you will have what kind of life. People who can control their mouths often have the most blessings.

people who are really powerful know how to be silent at the right time and understand the truth that you must lose if you say more.

when talking to others, talk less about these three things about yourself, and you will have more and more blessings.

Inner Secrets

someone once said: if you tell the secret to the wind, don't blame the wind to bring the secret to the whole forest.

people are like this. there are some sufferings and secrets that are destined to be known only to you.

sometimes, what you think is a secret is just what other people talk about.

during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, there was a prime minister named Li Linfu. He spoke well on the surface, but he had evil intentions behind him.

once, his colleague Li Shizhi chatted with him.

while speaking, Li Shizhi showed that he wanted to do meritorious service. So Li Linfu took the opportunity to say:

"Huashan produces a lot of gold, and if it can be mined, it can greatly increase the wealth of the country, but the emperor does not know it yet."

on the surface, Li Linfu is giving Li Shizhi a chance, but in fact he is hiding a mystery.

Li Shizhi didn't pay attention and thought it was a good opportunity, so he told Emperor Xuanzong the news one by one.

unexpectedly, Li Linfu had already prepared his speech:

"I already know that Huashan is a place with concentrated fengshui, so how can it be mined at will?" If there are people who want to mine, most of them have bad intentions. "

when Tang Xuanzong heard these words, he took it for granted and became more and more distant from Li Shizhi.

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some people are like this. On the surface, they greet you with a smile, but they stab you in the back, making you suffer a mute loss for no reason.

therefore, never tell secrets to people with smiles on their faces and knives hidden in their sleeves, otherwise they are asking for trouble.

Liu Zhenyun once said: "the abyss has a bottom, but the human heart is unfathomable."

the human heart is the most difficult thing in the world to master. The person who talks and laughs with you one second may become the one who hurts you the next.

people's hearts are changeable, and we can't change them, but the best way to make ourselves less troubled is to pay attention to our words and deeds.

it is said in the constant words of awakening the World: "if the machine is not secret, disaster comes first."

if your strategy is not secret enough and leaked to others, it will give the scourge a head start.

it's the same as being a human being. Don't tell your secrets to others. It's respectable for yourself.

keep your mouth shut and keep your bottom line and happiness.

trivial complaints

the world suffers, and no one's life is easy.

Life is not easy, life is very difficult, every family has difficult classics, everyone has bitter tears.

people who always complain are full of negative energy, and over time, the people around them will stay away.

Mrs. Xianglin, written by Lu Xun, is a complainer:

she told everyone about her son being carried away by a wolf. At first, people sympathized with her, but slowly disliked her and ridiculed her.

and she ended up a nuisance to everyone, and finally died miserably.

people who always complain, life is always unsatisfactory, thus forming a vicious circle.

Mei Lanfang, a famous master of Beijing Opera in China, formed a troupe with Yang Xiaolou after he became famous.

Yang Xiaolou was one of the most famous Peking Opera actors at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. Cixi was invited to perform in the palace many times when he was in power.

because Yang Xiaolou's "actor" and "fame" are bigger than Mei Lanfang. So every time a ticket is sold, Yang Xiaolou withdraws a dime from it.

in this way, Yang Xiaolou's income greatly exceeds that of Mei Lanfang.

but Mei Lanfang never cares about or complains, just takes every performance seriously.

Yang Xiaolou is an upright and reasonable man, so he proposes not to take more money from now on, on an equal footing with Mei Lanfang.

people's joys and sorrows are not the same, and you can't sympathize with your trivial complaints.

if people want to change their situation, the best way is to improve themselves. Complaining is the most useless.

evading and constantly complaining can not solve any problems. When you encounter problems and find ways to solve them, the road will become wider and wider, and life will become more and more wonderful.

past achievements

as the saying goes, wise men do not think of their past achievements, but heroes do not mention their bravery.

truly successful people do not boast about their past achievements. They can always maintain a modest attitude and never give up.

there was such a photo that unexpectedly made Liu Xianlin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an "Internet celebrity".

on the second-class seat of the high-speed railway, 78-year-old Academician Liu Xianlin is still writing continuously in order to make a good report.

netizens with sharp eyes also found that Mr. Liu was wearing a pair of old leather shoes, very simple, and could not help sighing: this is another master of the world who sweeps the floor.

all the things that we think we can show off are not worth mentioning here.

as the saying goes, "see yourself."Those who are unknown, those who are themselves are not obvious, those who cut down themselves are useless, and those who are self-reserved are not long. "

some people are arrogant and scared, while others are pretentious but do not realize that rice ears are bowed and barnyard weeds rise.

this is true of learning, and so is being a man and doing things.

whoever can withstand vanity and loneliness will be able to keep the prosperity and win more awards from fate.

therefore, do not blindly show off your achievements, because when you really have strength, you do not need to show off and will attract people who admire you and follow you.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" said: "if you talk to everyone, you can't throw your heart away."

keeping secrets in your heart will urge you to grow;

giving up unnecessary complaints will clear your mind;

not talking about past achievements in front of people can make you see yourself clearly.

do not think about the past, do not fear the future, look to the future, will reach a new height in life.

, may you be a sober person and love yourself well on the long road of life.