I want to spend the winter with you.

I want to spend the winter with you.

Winter is the best time to fall in love.

I complained to my mother that the weather was so outrageous that my hands froze in the air for less than a second.

I said solemnly: "I'm kidding, I'm not going out in this weather."

I'm a little embarrassed. It would be cool to wear sleeves, so no matter how cold it was, I rolled up half of my sleeves.

because it was too cold that winter.

in the second year of junior high school, when it was very cold in winter, she called me to the school corridor one day after school, and then she took out a small cake from her schoolbag, pushed it to me and said happy birthday.

the cake is a very small corner, what taste has been forgotten, anyway, it should be giggling while eating, and it didn't even mean to give her a little bit.

it should be that year, and I began to like winter.

I often feel that if I choose the most suitable season for a relationship, it should be winter.

the Japanese movie "now, I'd like to see you", there is a plot in the winter station, the girl carefully put her hand into the boy's pocket to keep warm, and then both secretly smiled.

people who feel cold often want to hug, and in a sweaty summer, hugging or holding hands can make people feel a little greasy.

but it is suitable to fit. Most of the winters in previous years were shaken by themselves holding the quilt. Until this year, there is one more person to miss this year.

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then one day, listening to a friend in Heilongjiang describe the heavy snow at home, he said, "it snowed heavily all night, and then if you go out early in the morning, there are no footprints in the snow, you are the first to step out."

then the whole person suddenly cheered up.

an idea flashes through my mind that in winter, it's good to have someone who wants to be with you and someone who is warm when you think of it.

then I laughed. When I was very young, I also felt that winter was not good. I was forced by my parents to wear thick clothes and could not eat ice cream.

maybe it's because there's hot pot, maybe it's snowing like we've never seen before, maybe it's because people can keep each other warm rationally.

A quilt, a hot pot, a sentence I miss you, can easily give people warmth in single digits or even sub-zero temperatures.

want to eat hot pot

Wang Zepeng:)

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