I want my ex to be more mature.

I want my ex to be more mature.

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La La City is a movie I like very much, in which two people are together because of a dream, and then separated because of a dream.

I originally thought that the eyes should be melancholy and sad.

the text is as follows:

A Qing, female, freshman

"Don't put your hand under my neck when you sleep."

A Qing told me that he was two years younger than her and was a very naive boy.

the first time I spent the night out with him was the night I went to Zhuhai to watch the Beach Music Festival. At that time, he lay on the bed, stretched out his arm and motioned to Ah Qing to rest on it, so she really obeyed and slept all night.

when he got up in the morning, he couldn't move his arm, but he said happily, "it's worth it for you."

at that time, Qing thought that he must have liked himself so much that he was so stupid.

so while pressing his arm, he smiled and said, "that's very kind of you."

the unspoken words are: actually, my neck hurts, too.

then they quarreled, broke up and lost contact.

but A Qing always remembers the touch of his arms around his neck, like a cloud, holding her to the highest point of happiness.

so A Qing always believes that his love is true.

mature people will do everything they can to make each other comfortable.

perhaps this is the biggest difference between the two.

"if I've been moved or hurt, I'd better feel better." Finally, A Qing said so.

"if only my ex were more mature."

it's funny that I watched the previous two with him.

I was with him in the third year of high school, when he was the captain of the school team.

everyone envies me for having such a boyfriend. At first, I also felt like the heroine of an idol drama.

he stays at home to help his father do some business. I continue to go to school and see him once a month.

he also said that he was trying to make money and said he wanted to support me. What happened after

made me feel bad.

I said yes.

after a while, he suddenly found me on Wechat and said a lot of sorry to me. I hope I don't blame him.

when I was a junior, I sent him a message saying that I would work hard, find a part-time job, and help him pay back part of the money, hoping to get him out early.

so I sent him all my part-time money for a whole semester of my junior year.

I said, what's wrong?

I cried all night and silently blocked all my contact information with him.

"like girls like Chunjiao."

"actually, I'm a little embarrassed. I didn't watch the movie very carefully, but it reminds me of something very important." Zhang Gongping mentioned his glasses and said.

"what is it?"

"I'm thinking I'll find a more mature girl in the future."

"how to mature?"

"be like Chunjiao."

he told me about one of his former girlfriends who clung to him all day and would break up if he was unhappy.

"mature girls are so nice to take care of your feelings and don't get so tired when you argue."

good night.

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