I really want to go home.

I really want to go home.

Even if it's boring at home.

as a matter of fact, when I was a child, I hated Spring Festival very much.

every time before getting on the bus, my mother would comfort me: "be good, get some sleep." At first I would believe that every time I opened my eyes, in addition to the undulating mountains, there were large tracts of rice fields.

after getting off, you have to change to a bumpy country bus. The potholed mountain road turns people's stomach upside down. Before halfway through the journey, my mother will spit the undigested instant noodles into the prepared plastic bags because she is carsick.

I have asked my mother many times aggrieved: "I don't like it there. Can I not go back?"

I thought about it and tried to suggest: "then bring Grandma and Grandpa to our house. Isn't that the same?"

Yes, I don't understand. I don't understand why going back to my hometown is standard for the Spring Festival. I don't know the difference between going back and picking up the elderly.

in my hometown, I was taken out of bed before dawn, changed into a red dress, and reluctantly greeted everyone who came to pay New year's greetings.

this common memory made everyone in the room roar with laughter, and then I don't know who said, "Unfortunately, the village primary school was torn down a few years ago."

another thing that breaks me down is that I eat almost the same food every day, stewed duck and brewed tofu. But not only my mother, but the people at the table never seem to get tired of these dishes.

for those who leave home, home is given more concrete meaning: the old street where walked when he was a child, the grapefruit forest by the pond in front of the door, or the smoke rising from the old house.

but one thing that is as important as "home" is to "go home", to the place where you are most familiar with your memories.

the concept of home is derived from "leaving".

Be in our stylishly fashionable tall prom gowns. Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.

but whenever I ask to buy a ticket to go home during the holidays, my parents will jump out and stop me for all sorts of reasons:

"anyway, it's very fast for a semester, so come back for winter and summer vacation."

but over time, I got used to not going home.

I was in a trance at that moment. In fact, what really prevented me from going back was the activities in the club, dinners with friends, and concerts that can only be heard in big cities.

and I didn't go back because I found something more interesting than going back.

I am homesick less and less.

so when a relationship is in trouble, you can't hide your tears. Even if you are eating, tears will suddenly fall into the bowl.

in the end, he had no choice but to comfort me: "it doesn't matter if you don't want to say, Dad is here whatever happens, don't be afraid."

whenever I talk about this lovelorn experience, I half-jokingly say that thanks to another man, I can get out of this relationship.

and the return subway will maximize my unhappiness: critical leaders, indifferent colleagues, tedious mechanical work, and even less food from the uncle in the cafeteria can be the last straw to crush my state of mind.

I suddenly realized that every time I "wanted to go home", I was in trouble.

people are such annoying animals. Usually they only care about their own happiness. When they encounter problems, they will, like snails, withdraw back to the territory they think is the safest.

it is less than a month before another Spring Festival. The weather began to get cold, New year goods began to be put on the shelves, and tickets began to become difficult to buy.

I also got on the bus home. Looking at the firecrackers sold in the town, I remember that when I was a child, my grandmother would always tell me the story of the New year beast.

I am always scared to hide in bed by this story. But with the growth of age, the psychological shadow brought by the New year Beast in my childhood has gradually faded, and there are other things that frighten me, which are as difficult as the New year Beast.

"Let me tell you a horror story. The Spring Festival travel season is about to begin."

"Spring Festival travel tickets" has become a duel between modern people and modern "New year beasts".


nostalgia for hometown and loved ones is always magnified in every discussion.

but don't let homesickness become a habitual expression for a particular period of time. Don't be homesick just because of the Chinese New year.

good night.

I don't know what I can't forget.

help you go home with peace of mind

I don't know what I can't forget.

help you go home with peace of mind