I miss you so much

I miss you so much

My father sent me a voice message yesterday afternoon.

my father is so funny that he often looks me in the face, then shakes his head and says, "my chin is so sharp that it doesn't look like mine."

I once said in my tweet that he was also very arrogant.

my sister wanted to stay and work in Guangzhou. He yelled at my sister and said, "Why are girls running so far? go home." I helped my sister to persuade him, and my father sighed and said a lot, and finally said, "I just don't want her to be so tired."

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later, when I had a video chat, I really forgot to ask him to answer the video, and not long after I hung up, my sister said to me, "Dad is in a little mood, so go and coax him."

but to be honest, it took me years to understand my father's arrogance.

I was really crazy when I was in junior high school, and I always thought I could do well with a little study. But the result is ruthless, a scarlet letter on white paper, a black word ranking, whether the poor strength is put on the surface.

I didn't accept it at that time, even though the fact that my grades were bad was obvious, I still didn't accept it. So I had a big argument with my father, and even in those years I didn't like to say a few more words at the dinner table.

unexpectedly, instead of yelling at me all the time, he said calmly, "I'll look for a relationship. You can do it for yourself in the three years of high school."

in junior high school, he kept pointing fingers at my grades in language, which not only made me dissatisfied, but also made me feel that my father didn't understand me.

in an intimate relationship, not being understood by the other person, it's easy to turn into that the other person doesn't care about me.

this is a small opportunity.

the year I volunteered for the college entrance examination, I didn't do what my father said.

admit that this is what countless young people think from the bottom of their hearts.

for example, my father and I have great differences in the concept of marriage.

my father's theory is absolutely unpopular among today's young people.

this is another trigger, because I began to think about something, a simple logic that I have always ignored-- in terms of IQ, most parents are no worse than us, and even they have more experience. Young people don't have a sense of superiority.

I began to be willing to sink, listen to what he said that made me uncomfortable, and see if there was any logic behind it that I had never thought of.

"if you get married at the age of 30 and have children in 32 or 33, by the time your child graduates from college, you will be in your fifties and in your sixties. At that time, your child has just come out to work and may start a business or lose his job. He needs your financial help." But at the age of 60, you may not have that high financial ability. "

did you know that only a father can say such a thing from such a point of view?

so a lot of times, I mean, a lot of times, the conflict between us and our parents is that we receive different messages.

but it is wrong for young people to think that the older generation is pedantic.

Huang Zhizhong once cited an example, which impressed me.

Huang Zhizhong described it at that time: "the things experienced by the older generation are beyond our imagination. Their speed of accepting information to the outside world has gradually slowed down, and their background has gradually solidified." Even if he is as smart as Li ao, he cannot escape from this circle. But it's not their fault. They didn't do anything wrong. They're just old. Old age does not mean the body, but the speed at which external information is accepted and updated. "

this sentence reversed my later attitude towards my parents.

but sometimes, parents are still learning and still know more than we do.

before listening, I guess he will say that I haven't contacted my family for a long time. I guess he will say, "it's okay not to get in touch with my family, but you have to communicate more with your family. You are your brother."

the moment I put my phone down from my ear, I opened the booking software and bought a ticket home directly. My mother asked me why I came back, and I said, "Dad says he misses me."

before I could laugh at him, my sister suddenly said, "of course, you are the most coquettish." And then the whole family laughed.

my father took off his arrogant and delicate spirit earlier than I did, and it was nice of him to seriously tell me his tone of missing me for the first time.

but gradually stop reading, gradually start to work, gradually begin to make money, and the things our parents talk to us are gradually different.

when I was discovered in my first love that year, my father drew blood from my calf. At that time, I vaguely felt that they could not understand me, so I did not mention a lot of words to them. So in my father's eyes, I am just a fool who doesn't know how to fall in love.

when I am tired, I always want to go home.

although we all live separately, gradually, we all miss each other.

when I am writing this article tonight, I have been looking for a song that fits the theme for a long time, and finally found a pure music of Van Yisan.

miss you, above.

Music | 1% of my life is used to maintain my life, and 99% is spent to maintain missing you.

I'm in trouble too