I may have to fail.

I may have to fail.

There should be more than one criterion for measuring students.

while they said they were going to die, they showed a hundred ways to die before the end of term.

there is such a group of people (a large group of people) in the university, they do not have particularly high requirements for grade points, they just want none of them. There is also another group of people who take great pains to say that performance points are very important and that performance points are very important.

the question of whether the grade point is important or not is actually incomplete.

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people are sometimes strange that what they really care about is the second thing, but focus on another thing.

1. The assistant class has won four national awards in four years, and the internship salary for sophomore summer vacation is 8k.

3, opposite the dormitory, we chat after the autumn recruitment, and the annual salary of those who fail all the year round is exactly the same as those who get first-class scholarships.

this kind of argument is actually a bit silly, for example, anyone can.

and if you are willing to calm down and think about it, you will find that the most important core criterion in job hunting is "ability".

but the ability is not just "reading".

competency is comprehensive.

this is easy to understand, because compared with other relatively virtual abilities such as communication, expression, organization and planning, the GPA is written in black and white, can be seen and touched, and can give people sense of security.

I have heard a saying: "High grades should not be the only criterion for judging whether a student is good or bad."

this has something to do with the environment.

the louder and noisier you are, the more likely you are to be affected.

there are too many similar statements-it's a waste of time, can you make money by doing this, does it make sense, isn't it good to read more books?

of course, many people know that they have neither the ability to pursue learning nor the ability to pursue other aspects, and the whole university is just fooling around and waiting to die.

and many people after graduation, people after work really stop talking about GPA very quickly. But that's because they're starting to find out that there are too many things that are more important than grade points.

one from Tencent, he asked me what my GPA was.

then he said thoughtfully, "so are you the kind of person who is more willing to focus on the things he likes?"

the second one came from NetEase. He asked me how my grades were.

then he asked why.

before leaving, he said: "the reason why you get average grades is because I think people who are good enough can do everything well, whether they like it or not."

but again, I also think that not everyone can be "strong enough".

if you are put on the name of being unprofessional, there is nothing to say. The only thing you can do is to work harder to do what you think is more important.

College is only four years old, and the days after graduation are still long.

Wang Zepeng:)

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