I know you don't have time to see me.

I know you don't have time to see me.

Wen /Chen Lu have a chat

probably because there is no one around who likes him particularly, or the campus radio does not like him, so that my impression of him remains in blue and white porcelain for a long time.

A glimmer of wind comes out of the muggy heat, a rain falls, a star emerges, and even the white shirt of the boy in front of him is soaked in sweat and clings to his back. Every image of summer belongs to him.

"I just can't open my mouth and let her know that I can't do it with a few simple words."

the text is as follows:

before I could ask when the exit would be back, she strode out the door.

the photo is not a good picture, it doesn't get everyone's face, but for them in the game, it's a memoir with full marks.

after I like it, I try to search for my memories of the reunion.

when I was singing with my friends on KTV, I browsed qq and saw that my primary school classmates were also here for a party. My friends said that I would not go and have a look.

but I stayed less than ten minutes before I came out. During those ten minutes, I felt endless embarrassment and numbness.

after that, I was often called cold-blooded, because no matter in the address book or chat software, I would not leave a place for my old classmates who had not developed into friends. The day of graduation is the time for me to clear the list. It sounds ruthless, but it has become my routine.

in fact, just as I thought, another friend told me that in fact, she only liked the old classmates on the list, and even wondered if they had become more beautiful, whether they had gone to a good school, or whether they had fallen in love. Keep them just to enrich the content of the moments, so that they won't hit the bottom at once.

after my roommate came back, I asked her why she still had such a good relationship with her former classmates.

later she added, she said, I know that now everyone has a new life and made new friends, but when we get together, the main body is us, and those new friends are just branches.

students who have not become friends can also get together.

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my father has a group of bad friends who get together many times a year and drag me along every time. The strangest thing is that they always hire a teacher at that time.

my father went to an agricultural school, and their brothers were bad boys at that time. At every party, they talked about that my father had secretly caught a chicken on the school farm and cooked it with them; several people skipped class and went to the chess and card room to play mahjong and ran out of pockets; they helped my brothers pick flowers in the fields and encouraged my father to chase my mother.

it sounds interesting for the first time, but I'm tired of listening to it a few times, because it has nothing to do with me at all. Even if one of the protagonists in the topic is my father, there is still a sense of distant alienation.

because in fact, everyone's life is not satisfactory now, they have to work and have to pay off their mortgage, and they can no longer find the same kind of vitality, so it's good to recall it. Even if it's the same memory, chewing over and over again still has its meaning.

I think I'm not old enough to feel powerless, so I feel that my unfeeling is another kind of grace.

I watched a play called "my Dear Friends" in the past two days, which was the highest rated South Korean drama last year. It is about the deep friendship of the old people in the twilight youth. There is a line in it. At a classmate reunion, one grandmother asked the other, so-and-so didn't seem to come. The grandmother replied, "if you don't come, you're dead. Why ask?"

for us, there are countless ways to interrupt our meeting.

I have an appointment today;

in this reluctance, in fact, we are unwilling to set aside some time, and then tear the friendship to pieces, but still blame the friendship itself for not being strong enough.

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