I know that hard work doesn't necessarily work.

I know that hard work doesn't necessarily work.

But dreams still have to be there.

I know an old man who is nearly 80 this year.

he had an unhappy childhood. His mother died at the age of three, and his father didn't make much money and dawdled along all day.

so he began to work for the livelihood of the whole family at an early age.

when he was 18, his father died. Because he was poor and because the means of communication were underdeveloped, no relative came to help him. He alone removed the eaves and beams of his family, nailed them into coffins, and then borrowed some money. Find someone to carry it to the mountain and bury it.

I don't know whether he felt resentful or sad when he came down the mountain. All I know is that when he talked about the experience, he was expressionless, just like he usually smokes when he is unsmiling.

later, his life became more difficult. He built roads, dug sweet potatoes, and worked as a peddler.

in short, he has done everything he can to make a living, and you can tell from the scars on his body that he is weary all the way.

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he didn't know how to calculate, so he sent cigarettes to others to teach him.

No one expected that the heads of other departments would retire one after another, and the new directors would be able to handle the accounts, but generally did not understand the technology.

the old factory director was going to retire that year, and the factory was replaced, and he was the most suitable candidate at that time.

I don't know whether the times make heroes or heroes make times.

all I know is that the orphan, who lost his parents at the age of 18, later had a home of his own.

there is a hard-working young man in the movie Fanghua: Liu Feng.

in my opinion, Fanghua should first be a youth film, followed by an chronological film.

because only in youth films can you see a group of young people fighting for dreams and good things, and then with the changes of time and times, most people lose their brilliance.

there are only two words left, sorry.

in Fanghua, everyone is moved by a line: "only those who have never been treated well are the easiest to identify true goodness."

but what I see in this film is not kindness, but cruelty.

Liu Feng is diligent in the art troupe. Whenever he goes out on a mission, he brings a lot of things to the friends of the art troupe. He is honest and kind to others, and is even praised as "living Lei Feng."

sadly, everyone in the art troupe took his efforts for granted, even himself.

Liu Feng accidentally broke his waist and was later transferred to the logistics position of the Art Regiment. Because of his hard work, he was granted a chartered place in the military and political University, but he was kind and gave way.

he said to his superior sincerely, "my father is a carpenter, and I can do those tinkering work."

but in fact, he fell in love with a girl from the art troupe, Lin Dingding.

he Xiaoping asked him, "how are you?"

he replied, "compared with those brothers who died in the war, I am much better."

fool Liu Feng makes people sigh, not only misfortune, but also fragrance and the shortness of youth.

he fell into thorns because of wrong love, and he fell in love because of thorns.

especially for young people, the variables are too big.

I wanted to drop out of school some time ago.

the idea in my mind is to take a year off from school and become a freelancer. I want to know where my abilities can go.

many friends support me, saying that I have lived the way they imagined I am, but more friends are talking about what to do if you can't find a job in the future without a diploma.


"where do I work? Disorganized? "


"if, I mean, if, for some reason, you can't do it in three or five years, do you have the confidence to find a job without a bachelor's degree? Even if you can, how much time and effort do you have to pay? Is it more difficult to get a diploma or to get another job in the future? "


sometimes even if you work hard, the effort may not be equally rewarded.

because if it helps, then we have more space and time to be what we should be.

A few days ago, I saw a video of a road visit to college students. Some of them said they wanted to contribute to China's aviation industry, some said they wanted to be a university teacher, and some even wanted to reduce emissions.