I just want to see you.

I just want to see you.

It's cold today.

she didn't call me "stupid" in the face, nor did she write in "the first batch of post-90s have become monks":

she just sent me a faint sentence: "forget it."

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so I immediately apologized to her and posted the photo I took of her with IPHONEX the other day in the Apple store on Wechat, saying, "I'm giving you a p map."

although there are fewer words, "hum" is much more gentle than "forget it". It even has a bit of a coquettish meaning.

"Don't scold me again", I asked her again.

so last night, because the wool quilt bought by JD.com from double Twelve hadn't been delivered to the place I rented, we slept close to each other all night.

I suddenly remembered that Li Zongsheng had a lyric written like this:

realized that the breakup

this lyrics can be said to speak the minds of urban people, but from my experience, it is only three years, not so good. Young people seem to think too terribly of a relationship that can last for three years, as if it is full of boredom, suspicion and annoyance. But in fact, two people who can talk for four or five years show that there is still room for "I just want to see you" and "I want to sleep with you every day" between them.

good night.