I have a disease that doesn't believe my boyfriend loves me.

I have a disease that doesn't believe my boyfriend loves me.

Good night.

Thank you for your tolerance. Good night

roommate Yu Qing gives her boyfriend a series of call every night. "Why didn't you answer your phone?" What are you doing? "


not everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Instead of falling ill alone, it is better to find the same kind, share the "illness" and comfort each other.

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the new social etiquette of the 21 century can be summed up in ten words: smile on your face and mmp in your heart.

ball low-cost gowns are eternal topic of fashion, which showcase your unique figure and charm. New Arrivals in different latest trendy designs!

these humorous topics that are close to life will hopefully help you re-examine the moderation in your interpersonal relationships.

everyone has a time when his face is cleaner. Although poverty limits my imagination, it also inspires my infinite potential.

Poverty exercised my hands-on ability. The leg of my glasses was accidentally broken and used for another half a year with transparent glue.

"blind date angle: the disdain chain of love, the big square of parents"

if you have the misfortune to go to the blind date corner, your understanding of life must reach an unprecedented level.

"everyone is cheerful, and some people are suicidal. I don't understand the world."

I hope you can always maintain empathy and sense of humor in life and embrace this beautiful new world together.

nowadays, new people emerge one after another, and clothes that can be made on behalf of people are no longer limited to platitudes such as doctors' white coats and students' fat school uniforms.

if you look at the boss's face in the company, you can't avoid the cold face of your husband and the gossip of your wife when you get home.

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