I don't want to watch live anymore.

I don't want to watch live anymore.

The declaration of death was sealed forever.

although it is understandable that swearing, as a form of expression, is occasionally used to vent emotions.

but it's not good to swear for the sake of swearing.

one of the most fermented "foul words" was the time when Lu Benwei abetted his fans to insult the skeptics.

Lu Benwei has more than 13 million fans and nearly one million videos. Many junior high school students regard him as an idol. The sentence "Lu Benwei is awesome" is sincere.

but he went so far as to guide those fans who seemed to be under eighteen to greet other people's mothers confidently. Even a shy-looking girl smiled at the camera and said, "your mother is dead."

this is really not good.

whoever sees too much of this kind of thing will be affected, and maybe one day, we will blurt out similar words.

and to make matters worse, he is instilling in everyone the idea that swearing is the first way to solve all problems.

the idea is wrong, and he soon suffered for it, but that doesn't mean that other people who accept the idea will immediately realize the mistake.

Lu Benwei, who has been off the air for 28 days, made a comeback on the Douyu platform some time ago, and the number of viewers for the first live broadcast reached 4 million in a short time.

people have a lot of voices for "hanging up and forcing fifty-fifty", but he just focuses on playing games and turns a blind eye to those remarks.

even when you smoke, turn off the video and don't let fans learn to smoke.

he has learned to restrain himself.

but his fans don't. The whole screen is full of scolding between fans and others, how fierce it is, how unbearable it is.

the most irresponsible thing about misleading is that you can get on the right track at any time, but those who are pointed out by you will keep going in the wrong direction.

there are many bad deeds of death announcements, such as grass powder, smashing bases, borrowing money to buy Ferrari, and so on, but what really pushed him to the forefront of public opinion was his "domestic violence" girlfriend during the live broadcast last October.

can play games and can become a game anchor.

he looks good, and he can also increase his popularity by looking good.

No matter who has the expertise, he can win a group of fans of his own. This model gives many "one-sided growth" young people unprecedented opportunities, but also makes them ignore the "comprehensiveness" that public figures should have after they become famous.

LVB is a magnifying glass, which is magnified infinitely not only by efforts, but also by mistakes.

all of us are witnesses to these mistakes.

for adults, mistakes are mistakes. But for minors who are not mature enough, mistakes may become a kind of abnormal worship.

to this day, when you look back at the live broadcast of the death announcement, you can still see a lot of fans in the barrage supporting his "domestic violence" behavior, saying: "strong>" continue to fight, play well, kill her. "

the declaration of death does not know that his occasional impulse can affect many people.

and my sister told me: "she was pregnant two years ago, when she was 17 ."

Yang Qingli's ex-boyfriend is Wang Lele, and the two are known as the first brother and sister of Kuaishou. From the beginning of confirming their relationship, they have frequently shown their love on the platform.

later, an ID user named "Little Little Ice Girl with Lime flavor" also announced that he was pregnant, and the age bar on the check list read 14.

girls have also admitted that they are little fans of Yang Qingli, and pregnancy is just an imitation of their idol.

I feel very sad that a live APP can make so many girls turn the most important thing in life into a follower.

whether they are fifty-fifty, death declaration, Yang Qingli and Wang Lele, or other anchors, they have too many negative effects on the public.

but no matter how much they break the bottom line, the platform will turn a blind eye and close it for two months, and it will allow them to continue to make money in the live broadcast.

before they became famous, they were just ordinary children.

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not very fond of learning, like playing games, a little precocious, like to dress up, want to fall in love, they are such ordinary people.

is a live broadcast, giving ordinary people a chance to show themselves.