I don't want to live in my mother's way.

I don't want to live in my mother's way.

Their way is too tired.

I have several pairs of shoes that are worn out and seldom worn again, because there is so much luggage that I suggest that I should not bring them. I will throw them away at the end of the semester.

Wow your admirers with an short formal red wear that flaunts your sophisticated charm, confidence and delicate beauty. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

I said no, so she picked up her shoes and wrapped them up and said, "take it back if it's not rotten."

sometimes when I want to buy something for her, she will stop me first, and even if she finally agrees, she will buy it cheaply.

the friends around me enter the workplace one after another, and in a few years they will become other people's wives and mothers, and I have found that many of their concepts of life are diametrically opposed to those of their mothers.

20 years old

swag says her mother has a strange habit of "storing things".

"my mother still keeps a dishcloth as big as a slap, and she can't clean it either. I'm not saying that frugality is bad, but this excessive frugality is slowing down the pace of life. "

" I've said it, and I haven't seen her change it, and I don't know why. Then I threw it away for her and replaced it with a new one. "

"No, not angry, no reaction."

but now we tend to hate this aimless inertia and like to subtract from life. Getting rid of useless and superfluous things is the way of life we pursue.

24 years old

"my mother still gets up early every day to make breakfast and lunch lunches for me, and then drives me to the bus stop. In fact, I don't like it very much and have refused, but this is something my mother has persisted for more than 20 years and is going to stick to it."

"sometimes I can't breathe, but she can't accept it. She feels disappointed."

I knew that she was really not very good at cooking and cleaning, so I asked her, , "then you really can't take care of yourself?"

many of our mothers devote their lives to their families and children, and I find that this can lead to unhappiness on both sides.

@ Zoe

"I'd rather waste my time on making money."

"I hate it when my mother always says' slow work can do fine work 'when cleaning. I'm very busy. Don't always tell me to slow down."

she said: " I like to make money and hate doing housework, and I can achieve the ideal state of doing less or even no housework by making more money." "

and we think that girls who can do housework and make money are more desirable.

30 years old

when Lin talked about these things, he sent me an expression: "I've been in love three times, and every boyfriend cooks very well, and then I feel like I don't need to be a good cook at all."

"I'm not marrying his mother. I don't care what other people think. "

A girl doesn't have to be what she looks like to get married.

I am afraid that one day she will look back on her life and find that except for the complicated housework and worried children, she can't find her own spark.

We don't want our family to be a burden to life, because apart from all kinds of family chores, there are more things that attract us to pursue.

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