I didn't mean to like you.

I didn't mean to like you.


he: "Hmm?"

how he replied, I actually forgot,


then the two got together soon, and the boys said it was white.

I asked why.

I asked her what she said.

I asked, "can you get back to what you used to be?"


the girl joked about her love several times, and he was afraid that the relationship would go awry, so whether the girl was joking or not, he would seriously say, "Don't."

I said, "you are so untouchable."

I asked why.

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I said, "you guys are a good fit."


he smiled and said congratulations.

he suddenly came to me and said he was not feeling well.

he said he seemed to like her.

he smiled bitterly.

some people don't know it's their favorite until they lose it.

he sighed.

she: "it's better not to contact."

she hesitated: "Don't."

but I feel uncomfortable after being together, so I think it would be better to be friends.

but even if it is a misunderstanding, it can also cause harm to others. With such an idea, the more the future, the more firmly locked the relationship in the "friend".

do people misunderstand their feelings?

I guess it will.

it has always been said that people are animals that are good at self-rationalization.

so every critical time, such as together, such as leaving, such as losing, such as being lovelorn or the other party is divorced, only in front of these key event points, will suddenly realize:

although not intentionally, but also have the idea of wanting to withdraw those words.

knowing that many things can no longer be changed, in the end of similar stories, people who misunderstand their feelings are more likely to say sorry.

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