I am the one who pretends to work hard.

I am the one who pretends to work hard.

Pretend to work hard so that one day you can really do something.

We often feel as if everything is like this, and it will only get worse, so what's the point of persistence?

listen to the passage from 3: 17 to the end, you will feel that there is a kind of comfort after doing your best, there is nothing wrong, I can do anything.

We are going to catch the little tail of fate.

Kobe Bryant's jersey retired a few days ago.

he made history by retiring from two jerseys on one team at the same time.

compared with him, most of the time we seem to be just pretending to try.

when I was in primary school, my handwriting was very small for speed. In the mouth of the teacher, I could only see the size clearly with a magnifying glass.

I have always seemed to be a hard worker, but I wasted a lot of time pretending because of my tenacity not to admit defeat.

another writing friend saw me and updated me one night.

I especially want to print the four big words of pretending to work hard on my forehead so that everyone can know that this is all an illusion and a camouflage I made to make up for my uneasiness. In fact, I am trying to cover my ears and steal a bell.

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