I also want unconditional support.

I also want unconditional support.

Only you can take me to the stars and the sea.

I received the 2018 calendar sent by my friend this morning, with a small card at the bottom with the following sentence.

I know that her 2017 is not going well.

"what are you messing about if you obviously learn business English and don't go to work in a foreign company?"

words like this can be uttered by thousands of words from parents every day.

the walls of the corridor are gray to black, the shabby tiles never seem to be clean, and the rusty fence on the windowsill tortures her every day.

after completely losing the support of her family, the rent of three and one emptied her all her strength, her resume sank into the sea, and the continuous frustration of the interview was like layers of waves, knocking her without a lifebuoy into the deep sea again and again.

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"maybe that's the price of disobedience." She took a sip of beer that day and said to me with a wry smile, "I envy you. You can always be supported to do what you want to do."

it means that there will always be a cushion behind you to catch you who may fall down at any time.

I often wonder, am I lucky compared to her?

when I was a child, I wanted to learn guzheng. At first, my mother opposed it. After several months of hard work, I finally couldn't stand it and asked me to have a try.

my eyes lit up, but before I could open my mouth, my mother answered, touched my head and smiled and said, "when she is interested in practicing, she can't calm down to learn art."

one sentence put my wish on the brakes.

sure enough, there are more and more scenes of intimidating and seducing me to take the civil service examination as I approach graduation.

in the eyes of outsiders, my parents often support my decision.

I still don't have any choice about what they think is critical.

sometimes it's more sad than doing nothing.

that day, I suddenly asked my boyfriend: "so you, like my parents, want me to be a civil servant?"

probably he thought the question was a little funny. He said carelessly, "Don't ask me about yourself."

when he looked up and saw that I looked serious, he answered again: "whether or not to take the civil service examination is your own choice, although there will always be a better choice. But I still hope that your choice can be based on your own position."

A lot of pictures flashed through my mind at that moment.

I remember that when I had my first meal with Zhang Jingbao in the first half of the year, he asked me nervously, "did your boyfriend say anything when you joined the mess?"

later, I learned that a partner in the team was once killed by her boyfriend because he was working too late. He said he was worried about her safety while running backstage and swearing.

I suddenly realized that real support is not "I think for you, so I won't let you do something."

not long ago, I chased "Xiao Mei" with my friends. After Jiang Chen became a doctor, there was a rift in his relationship with Chen Xiaoxi.

Operation for 8 hours in a row, even if my girlfriend was bullied outside, she had no idea.

at that time, I was still feeling sorry for Chen Xiaoxi, but I heard my friend next to me sigh and say, "really, the hardest thing about this special profession is not facing life and death, but facing a dilemma."

is too difficult.

so I can only hastily pick up a few mouthfuls of noodles and go out with a mobile phone that can be charged quickly.

"if the important people around me had given more understanding and support like this, I probably wouldn't have resigned." My friend smiled a hard smile and said to me.

the long battery life of Huawei Mate10 Pro,4000mAh is long enough to keep light users on standby for 2 days.

while its safe fast charging technology can charge 20% in the first 10 minutes and 58% in the first 30 minutes.


A woman graduates from a prestigious university and finds a decent job. after a few years, she earns 300000 yuan a year and looks good, and people around her will say, "you are really in good condition", "the girl is so excellent" and "what kind of husband you can find".

few people will say to a girl: your future can also be a sea of stars.

if it is really for my own good, don't be afraid that I will encounter storms and don't stop me from going far away.

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