Huang Xiaoming Angelababy official divorce: congratulations, they finally stopped pretending.

Huang Xiaoming Angelababy official divorce: congratulations, they finally stopped pretending.

Marriage has never been a woman's destination, and a woman's destination is always her own.

just now, Huang Xiaoming and angelababy Guan Xuan divorced!


Huang Xiaoming and angelababy successively announced their divorce on Weibo: "Thanksgiving for everything in the past, but the future is still family!"

A few words officially put an end to this relationship, which lasted 7 years of marriage and 13 years of relationship.

subsequently, the two men's studio also issued separate divorce statements.

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statement responded:

"the two decided to separate peacefully and end their marriage, and have completed the relevant procedures a few days ago, and will raise their children together and accompany them in the future.


however, many netizens said:

Oh, no wonder, I already know;

still divorced, though I knew for a long time that I would do so;


everyone seemed not surprised and seemed to have accepted the news a long time ago.

after all, in recent years, it is rare to see two people in the same box, which makes many people speculate that their relationship already exists in name only.

I'm glad you can come. I'm not afraid of you leaving

from 2009

since the rumors of the affair, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have been in love for six years and married for seven years.

period, but they have not been confirmed.



wearing a wedding ring to attend the event made many people think that the two were going to get back together.

unexpectedly, today, the two people announced their divorce, which really makes people feel very sad!

the love story between Huang Xiaoming and baby envies everyone's sweetness from the initial sweetness to the wedding of the century.

the most popular story is:

when baby was filming in Hengdian, he wanted to eat Haagen-Dazs, so Huang Xiaoming bought ice cream from a street in Hengdian, enough for baby for a few months.

in 2014, when baby held a birthday party in Hong Kong, Huang Xiaoming suddenly appeared and gave tens of millions of luxury cars as gifts, which surprised baby.

on October 8, 2015, Huang Xiaoming held a "AH Century Wedding" for baby, which was attended by half of his friends in the entertainment circle.

at the wedding scene, Huang Xiaoming's confession to baby was once called a textbook model:

"in fact, I am really nervous today, Baby, you are finished, because I have never been so nice to a woman, except my mother, I want to give you all the best things, I will spoil you in the future, because no one else can take you away."


at Oriental Satellite TV's New year's Eve party in 2015, Huang Xiaoming and baby appeared together for the first time.

the two sweetly sang love songs, hugs and kisses on the forehead, and the sweetness index of showing love instantly ignited the whole audience and envied others.

at an award ceremony, the baby on the stage was also unscrupulous. Huang Xiaoming, who was remote and offline, was "glancing at each other

", sweetness overwhelmed everyone


when eating, Huang Xiaoming will intimately peel shrimp for baby.

in the first episode of running Brothers, Huang Xiaoming came to the program and took out a picture of baby with a sweet announcement on his face:

"this is my type.


when the two met, they should have torn each other nervously, but the word "beg for a hug" from baby immediately overwhelmed Huang Xiaoming, and finally did not tear off the baby brand.

some people say: "Love is like snow in winter. No matter how thick it is, it will melt one day."

the last sweet interaction between Huang Xiaoming and baby was still in 2018, when Huang Xiaoming took his son Xiao Sponge to visit his class




at a film festival in 2019, two people who hadn't been together for a long time got together.

but baby walked in front with a cold look on his face, and Huang Xiaoming followed behind with baby's skirt, and the two had little communication.

Love always begins and ends in silence.

from 2009 to 2022

, the two men bid a dignified farewell, reminiscent of the sentence "

I'm glad you can come. I'm not afraid of you leaving.


it is said that marriage is always like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

cherish each other when you are with you, and it may be enough to bless each other when you leave.

Marriage is not necessarily for happiness, but divorce must be

this year's entertainment industry is jokingly called "the first year of star divorce" by netizens.

on April 23, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng chose one different and two wide, each happy.

on May 20, Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng announced their divorce.

one sentence, "the world is worth it, but the future can be expected." Thank you ", putting an end to this nine-year marriage.

on November 22, Big S issued a decent message informing the public that the marriage had been "dissolved peacefully" and calmly sent his best wishes to his ex-husband.I hope Xiao Fei will always be better off than me.


female stars

they dare to face divorce squarely, and their words show

atmosphere and open-minded.

powerful actress Zhao Liying

, take your career more seriously, not


broaden your own way of acting

, delve into higher quality works.

Reuters' new drama "Happiness to thousands of families", a look conveys the tenacity, kindness and self-confidence of the new woman.

there seems to be a severe shortage at the beginning of the year



what is even more surprising is that according to revelations, Zhao Liying will also take part in the Spring Festival Gala in the year of the Tiger, and the expected value will be filled in an instant.

and Tong Liya, in addition to hosting, acting, and endorsements everywhere, her performance in cross-border variety shows is also amazing.

in the opening dance of the instructor of "Dance Student", she dressed in red and danced to the music, which was amazing!

the light and smart dance, the confident and glowing eyes are really rustling and charming!

nowadays, more and more women in the new era no longer regard divorce as a shameful thing.

the concept of public opinion is no longer the old-fashioned argument of "sad divorce".

for women who bravely step out of the marriage quagmire, the public sends their sincere wishes of "Happy divorce".

wish you can wave goodbye calmly to what you once had and hurt.

Blessing that you have a wider choice and say in your life;

May you start the next journey of your life confidently and cheerfully.

the real sense of security in life is always given by yourself

I have always liked what Yang Lan said: "Marriage is to live together, and it is never marriage that can save you, but yourself."

Yes, marriage can be a fairy tale of happiness or a painful siege. The key lies in yourself.

pin all your hopes on marriage. Once you meet someone who is not virtuous, you will only make yourself miserable for the rest of your life.

and learn to be financially independent and spiritually independent, regardless of whether the marriage is happy or not, can live their own wonderful life.

you should know that your own ability is the strength for women to be happy. Only by becoming an independent individual can they not be afraid of the thunder of life and the wind and rain of the future.

just like Liu Mintao.

she thought that she would devote all her life to marriage in exchange for happiness for the rest of her life, but then an ice cream she could not afford broke all her fantasies brutally.

however, when she got rid of the shackles of marriage and devoted all her time and energy to her career, she became the envy of many people.

standing in the limelight, she is no longer the submissive little woman, but the movie queen Liu Mintao who has won various awards one after another.

she tells us with her life experience:

Marriage has never been a woman's destination, and a woman's destination is always her own.

A really good woman, even in an unhappy marriage, can make a comeback by virtue of her own ability.

there are still three days to go, and the Chinese New year is coming.

for Huang Xiaoming and



suddenly Guan announced his divorce, and some netizens expressed pity.

but Uncle feels that since he is no longer in love, choosing divorce is the best outcome.

2022 is a new year, and it is actually a new beginning for them.

May all girls love themselves well in the future.

No matter whether you are married or not, don't give up on self-growth, even if you encounter bad people and things, don't easily lose heart to yourself.

Please believe:

the sufferings of the past will disappear with the passage of time, and the happiness I yearn for will come quietly at some point in the future.