Here, always have a good time.

Here, always have a good time.

Give for the worthy, pay for the right thing.


Ba Jin said: "

the meaning of life lies in giving, in giving, not in receiving, not in taking.


give flowers to others, and you will reap good things.

if you give others knowledge, you will reap your own thinking.

know how to give, life can be rich and happy.

Learning to "give" is the most important required course in our lives.

to understand:

is the premise of everything

in the World of Zhuangzi, there is a story about people who love horses and horses.

because he is fond of horses, he is very kind to his horses.

he uses exquisite bamboo baskets to hold horse dung and cherished large shells as urinals for horses. There is no doubt about his true love.

on this day, a mosquito landed gently on horseback.

the horse lover slapped the horse.

the horse raised its hind legs in pain and gave the horse lover a hard kick.

the horse lover is very aggrieved. Why is the horse ungrateful when he is so kind to the horse?

Zhuangzi said: "there is something in mind, but there is death in love."

everyone has their own emotions and will, and learning to understand others is the beginning of goodwill.

if you do not know how to respect others, do not know how to think of others, no matter how much effort is futile.

parents do not impose their likes and dislikes on their children, and superiors do not impose their own principles on their subordinates.

because you understand, you are compassionate; because you are different, you understand; you learn to understand, and you can symbiosis.

give face:

not giving face is the greatest rudeness

as the saying goes, "

face is given to each other. If you don't give it to me, I'll give it to you. You've become a naughty face. I've become shameless and shameless.


if you give me face, I will give you face.

do not embarrass others, do not embarrass others, is a person's top EQ.

Di Zi Gui says: "if a person is short, do not reveal it; if a person is private, do not say it."

you should have a sense of proportion when you speak. If you see through it or not, it will be easier for everyone to save face.

others can laugh at themselves, but you can't agree.

such people have EQ.

Seven points, leave three points leeway for others.

Don't do anything, leave one-third of your life to others.

everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella.

you silently hold an umbrella for others during the heavy rain, and if rain falls on you in the future, there will be an umbrella on your shoulder.

give trust:

A paranoid person by nature cannot have true friends

the heart changes the heart, but you are the real me.

the most important thing for people to communicate with each other is to be sincere.

treat people sincerely without affectation, you don't have to be mindful of Chengfu, you don't have to test each other.

I'm tired of socializing at ordinary times. If you can't really make friends, what's the fun?

Zhuangzi said, "if you are not refined and sincere, you cannot be moving."

only when relatives trust each other can family and everything be prosperous.

only by trusting each other can friends maintain a good friendship all the time.

only by trusting each other can strangers breed the little surprises of life.

it's an honor to be trusted, and it's a great happiness to have people you can trust.

when people reach middle age, they are old at the top and young at the bottom, and they have more responsibilities and responsibilities.

A healthy interpersonal relationship is the key to managing well for the rest of your life.

Don't waste your time on those hypocritical people. Friends who are sincere to each other deserve to be cherished.

give convenience:

convenient for others, convenient for yourself

psychologist Daniel said: "how comfortable you are determines how high you can reach."

the military skills of Li Guangbi, a famous general of the Tang Dynasty, are comparable to those of Guo Ziyi.

but in the early years, the relationship between the two was very bad.

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both of them were middle-level officers who ate at the same table. Neither of them said hello, their eyes were cold, and they ignored each other.

later, the emperor appointed Guo Ziyi as Marshal, and Li Guangbi was appointed under Guo Ziyi.

Li Guangbi was afraid of half-death, for fear that Guo Ziyi would find an excuse to kill himself.

Li Guangbi lives up to the great trust. Over the past seven years, he has fought numerous tough battles and helped Guo Ziyi share the great pressure of fighting.

it was precisely because of the addition of famous generals such as Li Guangbi that the an-Shi Rebellion was quelled.

later, Li Guangbi and Guo Ziyi were both equally sealed when the imperial court described the meritorious service.

when it rains with an umbrella, there is a bridge crossing.

to build bridges with others is to pave the way for yourself and build more bridges for others, so that other people's road is easy to walk, and their own life road is naturally easy to walk.

people who are always convenient with others in life are bound to be favored by life in the days to come.

give applause:

some people have never given others applause all their lives

A foreigner traveling in Paris met a street performer near the station. The melodious piano attracted many pedestrians.

after playing a song, people around them threw money into the money jar one after another, and in a moment, the jar was full of money. But there was not a trace of joy on the performer's face.

"he's already made a lot of money. Why isn't he happy?" The tourist looked at the still melancholy face of the artist and asked questioningly.

"maybe he needs applause." Her friend said something faintly.

the heart of the tourist was touched. She slowly raised her hand and applauded it.

Yes, the ultimate expectation of the performer is applause!

money is only a gift given by others for taking pity on him, while applause is a praise and encouragement for his life experience and a truly selfless recognition from the bottom of his heart.

people need understanding, respect and applause.

We often hear praise from others, so why are we stingy with applause?

learn to praise others, learn to applaud others, you will find that the world will be more and more wonderful.

give humility:

modest gentleman, gentle and moist as jade

it was recorded in the Historical Records that Laozi once told Confucius: "A good man is hidden if empty, and a gentleman with virtue and appearance is foolish."

means that a shrewd businessman knows how to hide goods so well that he seems to have nothing on the outside;

A gentleman of noble character knows a lot about hidden morality, but he looks stupid and dull on the outside.

this is the so-called "act like a fool".

modesty coincides with Taoist stupidity, which can be said to be the great wisdom, self-cultivation and great realm of life.

modesty, which is to cultivate the best ordinary mind, is a great realm of returning to nature and not shining.

never be complacent or conceited, never think that you are superior to others and despise others because you think you are noble.

humility and humility is the most correct position and the best destination in life.

the wisest way to deal with the world is to be humble and tolerant of others.

only in this way can life win friends and respect.

giving is a kind of character, giving is a kind of realm, giving is a kind of grace, giving is a kind of wisdom.

give for those who deserve it, and pay for the right thing.

the mountain has its peak and the sea has its other shore; after a long journey, there will be a turn; the aftertaste will be bitter and sweet.

the sweetness you give others will eventually turn into hope and warmth, illuminating your way forward.