"he won't be a good boyfriend."

"he won't be a good boyfriend."

Huang Zongze, Hu Xinger.

I did the math in my mind and found that he was 37 years old.

speaking of this play, Huang Zongze plays Ling Chengfeng, who is a complete scumbag.

then two more items were added: Don't be a dog boy, don't be too impulsive.

when the nephew asked the girl what to do with her heart, he said without hesitation: " breakup should be ruthless, as long as the number is reasonable, don't think about it.

in the play, he plays the role of an entertaining person.

if you get drunk at night, you can stagger to sleep on her sofa.

" you are more important than others ".


he and Hu Xinger had a long-distance relationship for eight years.

the happy friend in the trick is out of the play, and is called the most popular screen couple in TVB.

"I know I have many shortcomings, which are difficult to overcome, but you also have many shortcomings, and you are also very difficult to overcome. I hope we can stand up to each other like this."

this is the most classic scene for two people.

Huang Zongze, who is playful by nature, has been repeatedly exposed by the media for eight years and won the title of "unfaithful man" in the circle.

many people are scolding Huang Zongze, saying that he has failed Hu Xinger's entire youth. After all, there are really not many eight years in life.

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although he wanted to stay, he knew that he was not a qualified boyfriend and would not take care of people, so he simply put aside all the explanations and silently swallowed all the scolding.

during the 15-year wireless tour, he peeked at Hu Xinger and was photographed by the media, his eyes full of tenderness.

they just broke up two years ago. After

, he took on a lot of roles as a "playboy" and had several relationships one after another, but he never ran a love marathon as seriously as he did at that time.

he really has some scum, but he also really likes Hu Xinger.

when breaking up, the reporter asked Huang Zongze what he planned next.

at that moment he really didn't know what to do.

at that time, there were more words "Huang Zongze" than wedding blessings in her comment area.

but on the wedding day, he was unable to attend because his father died.

Last year, Hu Xinger became pregnant, and many people immediately advised Huang Zongze to get married as soon as possible and find his own happiness as soon as possible.

in an interview, I said: " in terms of chasing girls, I am not going to date for the time being. "

but in reality, Huang Zongze seems to have no idea how to love someone after breaking up with Hu Xinger.

it's a pity that that person will never wear it again.

some big reunions, only belong to TV series.

the lyrics are also very sweet. The first sentence is:

promise to fall in love with heart

fly to love the sea at the same time

No matter then or now, he must like Hu Xinger very much.

there are many people like Huang Zongze in this world.

but he really liked it and studied very hard.

some people learn slowly and the other person leaves, so they can't let go of themselves for the rest of their lives.

it feels like some people are in your life just to learn a lesson.

I wish I had given a little more time

if you like, listen to me not talking.