From waiting for your class to waiting for you to get off work.

From waiting for your class to waiting for you to get off work.

Fortunately, I am still in your world.

Today, I went to Guangzhou to talk about a cooperation. At 10 o'clock in the evening, she sent me a Wechat message: "are you still busy?"

she said, "well, then take a rest in the car and go back and tell me."

I put my hand over my mouth and sent a nine-second message to complain about the driver's voice.

at the same time, reconfirm with me the mountain climbing we agreed on this Saturday morning.


comes from the different nature of work, but also directly leads to the inconsistency of our life rules.

she tried to call me up at 08:30 every morning, but considering that it was so hard to get up early in winter, she finally relaxed the time to 10 o'clock on the condition that "you must go to breakfast."

but the leisurely morning means that the evening is the main battlefield for our group of writers.

this is the ultimate puzzle. Sometimes you may get nothing for a whole day in front of a blank word, but sometimes you may just play with QQ Speed and come up with an excellent topic. So usually after eight o'clock in the evening, she won't come to me for no reason.

when she is in bad shape, she will receive a message at more than 11:00: "Today is not done, you go to bed first."

remember that when we were in college, we would call every night to talk about what we had done today, share gossip about the people around us, or plan where we would go for the weekend. But because of the different nature of our work, we talked on the phone less and less at night, and even for a while before, we stopped talking on the phone at all.

I was watching a funny video. I paused, then laughed and said, "I said yes."

when we were junior high school classmates ten years ago, she also called me "Brother Kei". At that time, she was taller than me, but she was bullied by me for three years. At that time, I didn't know which stupid news said that drinking more water could eliminate acne, so every time the class was over, I would shout her name: "come on, go and help me with water."

later, after confirming it again and again, I knew that it was all because she liked me (though she didn't want to admit it now).

now she often asks me why I like her again.

but in fact, I remember it all. I remember calling her on the night of my second year of high school birthday: "are you home?"

"come out and treat me to midnight snacks." I said.

-"my birthday, come out."

she showed off to me proudly: "I'm the class girl, okay?"

she filled me with water thousands of times, but I didn't like her.

maybe that's what it means: "Love is just an instant."

so far, we have entered the fifth year of dating.

We feel terrible, too. Because there are so many similar stories, such as "four years of love is not worth graduation" and "do you want a house or love before marriage"? even when I went with her to see "La La City" at the beginning of 17 years, she cried so hard next door that I couldn't stop.

in fact, I wanted to reply to her at that time: "Big Brother, I'm scared, too."

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, this is their story, we are us."

there are so many stories between me and her that I haven't finished writing for four years, and I say to myself, "you can only make a fortune if you keep quiet. Stop showing off." And try not to write about me and her.

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I didn't know what happened at first, so be curious.

so you have the article you are seeing now.

in fact, maintaining a long-term relationship really has nothing to do with all the skills of getting along.

We simply feel that

also because of the word "too", we try our best in our respective lives and let the reality that hinders most people become something we don't care about so much. And when the other party needs, the first time to stand up and fight with him, whether it is the frustration at work, the disappointment in life, or the cold loneliness from time to time, we have to take care of.

from waiting for each other to get off work, and then to waiting for each other's children to be dismissed from class.

I'm so sorry to give you a critical blow at the beginning of the New year.

by the way, since I opened an account called "girlfriend is angry again"

reply to "dog", I'll give you an egg

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