Friends in the department have a date.

Friends in the department have a date.

I don't want you to be reluctant.

at that time, the finger I wanted to reply stopped in front of the screen, a little embarrassed.

when your happiness is sad, it becomes awkward.

because in fact, my own happiness is not as good as everyone's envy.

the people who have helped me celebrate my birthday every year since I went to college are the first group of friends to advance and retreat together in college.

so for a long time, we are indeed the ones who spend the longest time together and give each other the most warmth and happiness.

remember that some of us used to have birthdays, others would set up WeChat groups half a month in advance, and were still planning and discussing gifts and surprises in the middle of the night.

people have new sustenance, such as internship, part-time job, postgraduate entrance examination, and even new male and female friends, which seem to be more important than the old circle.

in fact, we all know that it is difficult for people who have been in the same bed to make time out of each other's lives.

some time ago, I shouted that I would sing, but no one paid any attention to me.

I was the second to arrive on my birthday. I wasn't sure who would be free in advance, but then two more people came one after another.

I pretended not to hear it. A man stood in front and randomly clicked on a list of songs from several Hong Kong stars, and a list sang down all the way.

I remembered my mother, who asked me carefully if I wanted to go home for my birthday a few days ago, and was worried that I was too tired from the bus ride. I didn't even call her.

I suddenly miss them very much. I think I did something stupid, a group of friends whose feelings are fading, getting together in order to keep some forms of friendly activities, but in fact, everyone is estranged and absent-minded.

it is probably nominal friends who care more about rituals.

but friends don't need proof.

coincidentally, in the early hours of the morning, I received Gigi's Wechat. She said: "I just strolled into your Weibo and listened to your radio station more than a month ago. I suddenly wanted to ask you out for dinner, but I opened the dialog and found that the last conversation was already three months ago. I'm a little lost."

"I guess you are still up."

Gigi is my long-distance friend. Before she graduated, we used to walk and chat together. I like spending time with her very much. She knows almost all my troubles, and our thoughts always coincide. Later, when she graduated to work, we had a different pace of life and seldom got in touch with each other.

she, who usually sleeps at 11:00, talked to me about one o'clock that night, and then we decided to spend Halloween together. I took a long ride to find her on the weekend, and at night we lay together and talked about ourselves until four o'clock in the morning.

but it doesn't matter, you will always find a way to make up for the missed days.

one is an objective need, such as doing a thing together at a certain stage in the same department or team, and the other is a subjective need. I like this person, such as the identification of values, and the character and conduct of the other person.

some people will slowly transition from the first situation to the second, while others will not.

in fact, I don't blame people who are an hour late. They all have business. As soon as they come, they say to me, "I'm sorry, I have something to do."

I began to accept that "some friends have dates". To be honest, it is sad. But accepting it made me realize that I should have set aside time for more important things and people.

good night.

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