For some people, it is suitable to stay at 2017.

For some people, it is suitable to stay at 2017.


A few days ago, my friend came to play with me at Christmas.

it was so cold outside that we found a random restaurant to sit down, but before we ordered something to eat, the friend said hesitantly, "Why don't we go somewhere else?"

later I learned that it was because Wu Yufei's "me" was in the store, and he was afraid that I would be sad to hear it.

you are too strange to remember

I understand that there is always a time limit

it occurred to me that I had been lovelorn for more than a month.

I did not have a good time these days, like a patient full of scars, so that my friends became cautious for fear of accidentally touching my wound.

even Zepeng said, "take a break. You don't have to hand in the manuscript."

it's a pity that this kind of care didn't make me any better. Instead, it was like a mirror, which made me see my unbearable appearance constantly in their compassionate eyes: look at you, poor thing.

when I came to my senses, I smiled and said, "it's all right. I let him go a long time ago."

my friend did not believe it and pointed to my hair: "it's all right. You can't help but cut your hair short and dye it this color."

I wanted to continue to explain, but before I could open my mouth, I was silenced by him.

he said: "Don't be brave."

it turns out that all my efforts can't beat these four words.


New year means you can be "new" generously.

get a new hairstyle, wear new clothes, move to a new home, change a new job, find a new partner, and live a new life.

and it's time to get rid of the old stuff.

after such a long trek, there are more and more things in our backpacks. If we don't unload some baggage, we will walk very hard in the future.

the reason why exes are exes is that we can't make it into the next year together.

some people should stay in 2017 and become memories in our hearts. Only in this way can we make enough space for 2018 to meet new people and experience a new life.

I hope that when you and a group of people are silent for dozens of seconds, you can really "let the past go and let the future come".

for example, when you write a date, you will unconsciously write down 2017, react to it after you finish it, and then cross out 7 and add an 8 next to it.

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however, over time, we still have to adapt to that day.

I wish I had given a little more time

if you would like to.