Fanghua: it's tiring to be a good person.

Fanghua: it's tiring to be a good person.

If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend it to you.

should we still be kind people?

above my house, there lives a warm-hearted old man. My uncle is a retired teacher with a gray Yorkshire, and there is a note on his door saying that someone can leave his pet in his house and wait on him.

once when he was still sleeping, there was a lot of noise upstairs, and there was a harsh scolding from the girl, to the effect that he suspected that the dog food given to the dog was too bad, and the evidence was that he was in a low state today and didn't bark much.

I thought such nitpicking would not succeed. I believe that if I was on my side, he would not be defeated.

Huang Xuan's Liu Feng in Fanghua is very much like my uncle upstairs.

No matter what big or small things you can help, you can help. If you can't help, you can find ways to help.

this is why Lin Dingding could not convince himself to like Liu Feng, and Lin Dingding convicted Liu Feng of "slander" in order to protect himself, so that he was sent to the logging company.

as a result, the title of living Lei Feng became poison, and doing good deeds became his painful disease.

this person is he Xiaoping.

shortly after her appearance, the narrator of the film said that she thought that if she fled the family, she would not be bullied again. She did not expect that from the day she came to this group, she had become a joke.

the escape she thought was just another way to fall into the abyss.

on the first day of joining the art troupe, Liu Feng reminded her: "you come from a bad background, so don't tell anyone when you go in."

in fact, Liu Feng's intimate "good" is not only given to he Xiaoping, but at that time, he Xiaoping was the only one who saw, remembered, and thanked him for his kindness. That's why the day before Liu Feng was sent down, she shouted to those who didn't think about the past, "call me tomorrow when you leave, and I'll see you off."

but in this movie, the two kindest characters don't seem to get a good result.

and the people in the art troupe are still "why not eat minced meat", singing and dancing again in the name of parting, showing an extremely reluctant attitude.

but Liu Feng and he Xiaoping's tears are all bloody.

Feng Xiaogang deliberately let those high-ranking cadres' children have their own worries, such as "no time to spend time with their families" and "getting fat in middle age". But to use a line in the movie, it is: "how are you doing? if you compare yourself with anyone and the brothers in the mausoleum, dare I say I'm not having a good time?"

back to the old man at the beginning of the article, he tore off the note and stopped helping people keep dogs. Is he wrong?

Liu Feng in that movie is still willing to donate all his savings to help others in the end. Is he wrong again?

so if choosing whether to be kind or not is an acceptable result, then why are we talking about it?

I have seen too much hypocrisy in the past two months. A homicide, a group of children, and before the truth comes out, those egoists come up under the banner of "goodness" and harvest people's anger, sadness and disappointment like harvesting leeks.

now Feng Xiaogang is trying to remind us through the story of "Fanghua" that we still have the option of kindness in our lives.

just because you think about it but don't do it doesn't mean you're a bad person.

that's why it's tiring to be a good person.

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