Every voice that contradicts me is right.

Every voice that contradicts me is right.

Good night.

I can't let you like me, which seems to be what everyone has tasted. I hate this matter, also hate to let you like me, but you do not perfunctory me, do not accommodate me, even if can not like, but also let each other have a good time.

when I was a freshman, I joined the debate team.

I remember very clearly that during the interview, the debate question was whether the advantages of anonymity on the Internet outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

my position is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. At the beginning, I said a lot, saying that anonymity on the Internet can reduce the psychological burden, express true opinions, and help to protect the personal safety of citizens, but I was stunned as soon as the other person opened his mouth.

I'm not very sad. After all, I really don't seem to be able to talk about others.

but later at dinner, he told me that what I had said was right, why not refute him. I said you were right. I can't refute it.

the other day I went to a group of classmates to insinuate my moments.

she said that I was irresponsible and that the slides I made could not be used, which caused her to do it again and insinuated with a small composition.

I suddenly realized that in my choice list, there seems to be no refutation of this option at all, even if I hate myself, then the disgust of others is not unreasonable.

hating myself is something I've been doing all the time.

when I am misunderstood and criticized;

I shaved my head because I can't chat;

because the other person doesn't notice me, I buckle my nails into the meat all day.

she has recently fallen in love. Her boyfriend knows that she likes cats and bought her an English short. I watched the short video she sent me, in which she smiled naturally and happily.

I don't like the way I laugh. It's really ugly, with wrinkles all over my face like a monkey.

I used to look away or cover my face with something when I smiled, but these days I even take the initiative to smile in front of him.

but if we continue to think this way, we will become less and less like ourselves.

they will not hit themselves hard, because they do not feel the need to do so, they have more important things to do, to express their opinions, to evaluate right or wrong, and they put their hard hands on others.

it's easy to like yourself, and self-identity is something we've been pursuing all the time, but hating ourselves is often some moment, and few people will regard it as a long-term state. People often think that this is an unhealthy mental state that needs to be corrected.

but it's not. As our friends say, we are all laymen, not the kind of people who don't eat the world, but who occasionally need some hormones to make ends meet.

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Let us know that in addition to unprovoked disgust, there is also unprovoked love in the world.

say a belated Happy New year.

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