Empty cup mentality (good text in depth)

Empty cup mentality (good text in depth)

Manage yourself well, and the days will be light and light.



there is such a philosophical short story:

A cup, if milk is poured into the cup, people say it is "a glass of milk". If you pour juice, people call it "a glass of juice".

when a cup is poured into something, the cup changes its name, and people call it a cup only when it is empty.

similarly, if a person's heart is full of wealth, learning, prejudice and trouble, he will no longer be a pure self. Only by emptying his heart at the right time can he really have his true self.

I have read such a passage on the Internet:

"when people are most powerful, they are not when they persist, but when they let go."

when you choose to empty your hands, who else can take what away from you?

"We should all learn to clear our inner debris regularly, let our hearts go back to zero, and then move on with a smile."

clear face and enrich Li

face is something that everyone wants to have since ancient times, but if you do something to "save face and suffer" because of good face, it is definitely not a person with a strong heart.

the lack of face is often due to the lack of internal kung fu.

the boss of a company sent three department managers one after another to visit a friend surnamed Zhou.

the three department managers visited him successively according to the instructions of the boss, and they showed great respect and explained the purpose of their visit.

but when the other party heard the meaning of the arrival, he immediately pulled down his face, drove them out, and threw the gifts directly out of the door.

two of the department managers thought, "this is not a friend, but an enemy."

they came home disappointed and told the whole story, but the boss nodded and said nothing.

the third department manager who went to visit encountered the same experience, but he did not leave immediately, but stood outside the door to continue to state his intention, and advised the friend surnamed Zhou to say:

"No matter what happened between you, the boss sent me here for the sake of getting back together between the two of you."

A friend surnamed Zhou cursed through the door. He apologized again and again and advised him to calm down.

after a stalemate for nearly half an hour, a friend surnamed Zhou finally opened the door and not only accepted his gift, but also invited him to dinner in the evening.

before long, the department manager was promoted to vice president.

now everyone realized that everything was a game set up jointly by the boss and a friend surnamed Zhou to test them.

what people with real strength think of is to get things done well. At the critical time, they can let go of face and practice internal skills.

A person who can't do a good job, no matter how good the face is, is a fat man with a swollen face.

people who are really wise have the courage to put down their face and work on it. Those who are really good in it will naturally be respected.

face is not given by others, it is earned through one's own strength.

empty the past and face the future

it is not easy to let go of the past, especially if it does great harm to your body and mind.

the American film "the Room" is about a young girl who is imprisoned in a room in the backyard and insults for seven years.

and she gave birth to a boy in humiliation.

after the little boy's fifth birthday, the girl designed the illusion of the boy's death and taught the escaped boy to ask passers-by for help, and the mother and son were finally rescued.

the girl who thought she had managed to escape lived a happy life from then on, but the rest of her life was extremely painful.

when she returned home, she found that her parents had been divorced for many years and had set up their own families, because people thought that she had left the world and lived a stable life.

she felt that her return was superfluous.

she complained about her parents' ruthlessness and resented her mother for teaching her to be kind to strangers. As a result, she was seduced by the bad guys.

she washed her face with tears all day long, often had nightmares, and once wanted to commit suicide to relieve her inner pain.

she walked out of the imprisoned room, but could not get out of the shadow of being hurt in her heart.

it's really hard to let go of the past.

We have all encountered all kinds of experiences in our lives, such as being fired, being misunderstood, being teased, being failed, being betrayed, and so on.

however, if you are always unable to reconcile with the experiences of the past, you will continue to be entangled with misfortune, and you will never be free from it.

No matter how bad the past is, you should put aside your obsession, try to face it and accept the facts. This choice is not a compromise, but a courage to face the past.

sum up the experience, learn the lesson, and don't wrestle on the same mistake.

it's silly to cry over a broken milk bottle to see that there are plenty of good days ahead.

Nietzsche once said: "every day without dancing is a waste of life."

only by letting go and clearing the past, can we be truly brave.

empty your heart and don't let your life go to waste in order to accommodate more new lives and achieve a better life.

clear away the prejudices and let the heart grow

"the world is so big that I want to see it."

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this is a 10-word resignation that went viral online in 2015, and was described by netizens as "the most affectionate resignation application in history".

Why do people want to witness the vastness of the world?

in fact, no matter whether you are born in New York, London, or Beijing, everyone is a frog in a well. If you don't go out to see the wider world, you can never understand the true meaning of the greatness of heaven and earth.

A line in the movie "the Grandmaster" says well: "in this life, people want to see heaven and earth, sentient beings, and themselves."

only those who have witnessed the vast expanse of heaven and earth will not stick to narrow thinking and paranoid ideas.

to let thinking grow and have the courage to break down the barriers of thinking, we must travel to the vast world.

only those who have witnessed sentient beings understand that "there are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside the people", put aside their pride and learn to be humble.

after seeing heaven and earth and sentient beings, it is easier to detect their own smallness, put aside their prejudices and become calm and open-minded.

putting aside prejudices is a kind of growth. When you grow up, you should not only dare to try and make mistakes, but also maintain self-confidence.

even if you do something wrong, so what? whose life is not growing up while trying and making mistakes.

growing up is very painful, just like every pupa that turns into a butterfly has experienced heart-wrenching pain to achieve a beautiful life.

if it does not undergo painful metamorphosis, it can only be an inch of creeping animal on the ground. Only when it grows up can it fly freely in the sky and wander freely in the sea of flowers.

break the prejudices, after clearing the thinking of the past, you will find that the vision is broad, and life is wonderful.

the world is so big, you must go and have a look. Only when you have seen heaven and earth and seen great people can you really see your true self.

I like a passage by he Jiong very much:

letting go is a choice of state of mind; letting go is a knowledge of the mind; letting go is a wisdom of life.

Let go of pressure and gain relaxation; let go of troubles and gain happiness; let go of inferiority and gain self-confidence; let go of laziness and gain fullness;

Let go of negativity and progress; let go of complaints and get comfortable; let go of hesitation and get chic.

Let go of face, because most of the time, face is a false dignity, real face, need real connotation.

Don't waste energy on face-saving projects for the sake of unnecessary face-saving.

Let go of face, enrich the inside, and let the strength speak, is the real face.

letting go of the past is an empty cup mentality. For better or worse, let it become the past and give a new name to every day in the future.

the days to come are new, and anything is possible tomorrow.

bid farewell to yesterday, with the experience and lessons learned, let yourself mature in the experience.

Let go of the past, happy or sad, don't dwell on the past, free your hands and walk easily on the road to the future.

to break prejudices and be your own hero is real self-growth.

putting aside prejudices is a process in which a person grows up. Only by witnessing the size of the world and the number of people can one really see himself clearly.

finally, send a sentence from Audrey Hepburn to everyone:

"people are full of energy, self-repentance, self-reflection and self-growth, not complaining to others."

be a strong person, don't stick to it blindly, clear out unnecessary burdens, and travel light.

, manage yourself well, and the days will be light and light.