Eight glasses of milk is enough to destroy a person.

Eight glasses of milk is enough to destroy a person.

Don't bully me.

the little boy in the video asked, "I'm curious why they did it, what it means, why they treat others so harshly, it's not right."

this bitterness is silent.

but this is not the case with children's meanness. They will not be mean to themselves, just point all the thorns to the outside world, they do not know how much shadow this will leave on each other, they just want to be happy, in order to be a child king.

this conventional rule is probably more cruel than bullying itself.

I used to walk home from school in an alley, the alley is very narrow, in which there are two children standing face to face playing football, you pass me around, crouching another child against the wall among them. The rule is very simple, not in turn, but only the two children can play, and the other skinny child can only watch, keep watching, see it dark, and see them go home.

Featured with the tiniest details, our prom in mint green gowns are a prerequisite item. Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

it is conceivable that even if he could afford to buy a hundred balls in the future, or even if he could get the ball they had at that time, it would not completely solve his almost morbid desire. It was a sequela of being mean and lucky, the string of bells that the bell tied could not untie.

more often, in the eyes of many adults, this kind of disaster is just a small and negligible thing.

they have a song called "Gale blowing". I couldn't understand the lyrics at first, so I searched the Internet. It is found that "everyone wants to be a ghost" in the song is about a game of grabbing stools, which simply means that ghosts can specify who will become unfortunate and who will face panic.

so the song says, "they are all equally mean."

the moment I heard this song, I remembered the child in the alley very clearly. His family may not have the money to buy him a ball, and even if he does, he will not take into account a child's desire for entertainment. In their view, innocence is fun.

that's not fair.

listen to it a few times, and the "ha" in the song will hit everyone in the face.

when I was older, I saw that some child was robbed of toys, dominated on swings, pushed away while standing in line on the slide, or even bullied by boxing to the flesh, but pretended that nothing had happened and comforted himself. Anyway, they were children, which was just a small and negligible thing.

this is a protracted murder. From the beginning of our birth to the end of our lives, we have been stabbing others at random, and then when we finally wipe the blood off with our own clothes, we will find that it can no longer be wiped clean.

I'm sorry, but I'd like to say that things will get better, but you may not get better completely. In any case, someone in the world must remember the meanness of teenagers, which is not naughty without cost, but another sin that cannot be tolerated.

this is something that can destroy other people's lives.

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