Drinking to death is the ugliest table culture.

Drinking to death is the ugliest table culture.

The meaning of happiness is never at the wine table, but at the dinner table.

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see this sentence on the Internet:

the wine bureau is not only a door, but also a hurdle.

it means a lot to think about it carefully.

it is said that it is a door, and some wine bureaus represent that life is about to enter a new journey, such as a "victory banquet" when your career is climbing, and "full wine" when you share happiness and joy.

but at the same time, it is also a ridge, not only drink the wallet, drink bad health, and even because of the wine stall.

I saw a piece of news two days ago.

relatives gathered for dinner, pushed the cup handle and drank two bottles of white wine and one and a half bottles of red wine.

unexpectedly, after the banquet was over, one of the men who drank too much fell into the river and died.

the wife had to sue the relatives who advised drinking to court, and everyone was filled with remorse.

after a busy year, it is a good day for families to be reunited, but this small family is no longer complete.

it's really a pity.

however, it is not uncommon to leave your life on the wine table:

A 17-year-old girl in Meizhou, Guangdong died during a hotel break after drinking too much alcohol as a bridesmaid at a wedding reception.

A woman in Wenchang, Hainan drank with the man next to her at the wedding banquet, and the banquet attendees applauded continuously. finally, the 28-year-old suffocated to death due to alcohol poisoning, causing vomit to block the respiratory tract.

Zhang, a security guard of a company in Nanjing, drank too much at the annual meeting and died.


the ancients' saying that "the wine is drunk when the bosom friend drinks, and the poem goes to the meeting" can not escape the sentence "deep feelings, a mouthful of boredom, shallow feelings, lick".

Dinner after dinner, originally used to exchange feelings, has become a wine club for punching, guessing, eating, eating and drinking.

perhaps in the minds of most people, they always think that fate will be lenient to them.

you see, there are so many people who evade tickets by bus, how can they find out that it is me;

there are a lot of people who run red lights, and they don't get hit once in a while.

so many people stay up late every day, maybe I am the exception;

there are many drinking accidents, and I may not be the next one to have an accident.

as a result, those who persuade people to drink and those who drink drink to death, and tragedies emerge one after another.

when too many people pick up their glasses, they forget to act according to their ability and would rather have a swollen face than lose face.

I didn't repent until I went through a dead end.

after all, only our closest relatives will always pay for our health. You don't have to wait for an accident to understand this truth.

if you have to drink and have fun, it would be wise to stop drinking.

drinking to death and persuading others to drink to death is the ugliest table culture.

remember the man who was drunk and sat on the ground in Nanjing subway station, sobbing and vomiting?

in a suit, he gave up all the decency of an adult because he was drunk, but the reason behind it was poignant:

"my wife and I have come to work in Nanjing for several years and have tasted all kinds of hardships. In order to sign the bill, drink with the client every day. I really can't drink, I can't drink. "

some people say that there is no business that cannot be solved by the wine bureau.

I don't know since when, the liquor farm has become a business market, and the liquor bureau has become a deadly game.

when it comes to a deal, some people may go to countless liquor bureaus, drink countless drinks, and even drink stomach perforations and ulcers.

but in fact, people who are really capable never need to seek their own value on the wine table.

the company has two colleagues, neither of whom is a very good drinker. One has a thriving career, while the other complains and chatters all day long.

it turns out that the one with a high career, who knows that he is not good at drinking, does not dig customers from the wine table, but does homework to understand the actual needs of customers, and over time, he also has a stable customer base.

another colleague, in order to get more customer resources, often beat people with swollen faces and fat faces at the wine bureau, filling it into a large bottle. In the end, when the client failed to make a deal, his body drank down first.

the so-called friendship is that there is a transaction before there is a feeling.

the business you get through hard drinking won't last long, because there's always someone who doesn't take your life more seriously than you.

the founder of Alibaba once said in a public speech:

bridal for well-endowed brides gowns brings out your beauty, elegance of silhouette as well as the unique sense of style. Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

"99.99% of men in business say they want to socialize at night, which is a lie. They just give themselves an excuse.

in fact, business must not rely on socializing, but spend time on customer experience and staff management. "

I think so!

Business, business, you have business only if you have value.

if you don't have the ability to drink more wine and eat more meals, it is equal to zero.

the best network in the world is actually you!

there is such a topic on Zhihu:

"it's Chinese New year, what are you most afraid of?


there are all kinds of things to be afraid of, and one of the netizens' answer is piercing:

"you can escape your parents' urging for marriage, and you can't avoid those meaningless wine bureaus."

A few numbers have aroused a lot of likes and resonances.

another netizen then shared his experience of dinner a few days ago.

they were having a good time when the leader of the table suddenly made a fuss.

A man with combed hair seems to drinkHigh: "Men do not smoke, live like a dog, men do not drink, walk in the world in vain!" If you don't drink this drink today, you won't give me face! "

within minutes, the drunken man vomited all over the table, making the restaurant stink of drunkenness.

as the saying goes, "there is no gentleman at banquets."

those who fraternize and play games with you at the wine table may not remember your name the next time they meet.

meaningless parties and wine bureaus won't make your career much better except to add a few strange names to your address book.

A list won by drinking is definitely not a reliable list for a long time. Similarly, a friend who can only be made by drinking must not be a true friend.

True friendship is quiet.

when friends get together, you can persuade people to eat vegetables and drink water, but don't beg and persuade people to drink.

"the quantity is small and random, the guests are happy, each is lenient and strict, each suits his own will, and do not make it difficult."

the words of Zhang Jinshou of the Qing Dynasty in Jiude are still worthy of reference today.

good feelings are not drunk. If you have a heart, you will be close to the ends of the earth, and if you no longer have a heart, you will be close at hand.

True friend, please don't persuade me to drink. Friendship is not in wine, but in years.

being drunk is the ugliest among all sentient beings.

in ancient Chinese characters, the traditional character of ugliness is "Yi", which is a ghost after drinking, which is also very ferocious.

as the old saying goes, "the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and the friendship between people with humble personality is like wine and flesh."

not persuading people to drink is a kind of self-cultivation, and it is also a responsibility not to drink to death.

the most difficult thing in life is not the loneliness of a person, but when a group of people come home after a carnival, their hearts are not satisfied, their stomachs are not satisfied, and they are only lonely.

, may you stay away from ugly table culture and meaningless parties and spend more time with your family and children in the new year.

because the meaning of happiness is never at the wine table, but at the dinner table. Share with your friends!