Don't wet yourself by holding an umbrella for others because of kindness.

Don't wet yourself by holding an umbrella for others because of kindness.

The rest of life is not long, be kind to others, but also please yourself.

he maliciously denigrates you behind his back when he is tolerant and magnanimous and doesn't care about each other's faults.

he clearly puts himself in the other's shoes and gives him great care, but he consumes you unscrupulously.

the more things you experience, the more you can see:

to be a human being, there must be a bottom line for giving and a yardstick for kindness.

there is a saying:

"goodness with edges and corners is really kindness. people without edges and corners can hardly go further in this vulgar world."

those who do not consume themselves, do not compromise, and know how to be compassionate to themselves can live a good life calmly.

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Don't get wet because you hold an umbrella for others.

the premise of being kind is to be kind to yourself

A story was told in the philosophical essay:

A businessman came across a robber on a remote road and ran desperately with valuables in his arms.

the robber strode after him with a big knife.

the robber was strong and strong, and the distance between the two was getting shorter and shorter, and he was about to catch up. The businessman said, "Ayo", and disappeared.

the robber had no time to think and fell into a dry well that had been abandoned for many years.

when the robber woke up from his coma, he looked up and saw the merchant climbing up to the head of the well with a vine.

if the businessman walks away in the wilderness, in this slippery dry well, he can only sit and wait to die.

the robber hurriedly knelt down and begged the merchant to save himself. The merchant was moved with compassion, thought for a moment, and then agreed.

after finishing the vines, the merchant pulled the robber up. When the robber was about to climb out of the well, the merchant stopped him and ordered him to step on a leg first.

the robber didn't know, so he put a leg on the edge of the well first.

the merchant picked up a stick from the side, swung it and broke the robber's leg, which pulled the robber out of the wellhead.

the robber asked in surprise, "if you saved me, why did you hurt me?"

the businessman said, "it is unbearable to save you, and to hurt you is to break your chance to harm others."

kindness is a lifelong practice. It is wise to protect yourself first when redeeming others.

there is a good saying: "without the means of King Kong, do not give Bodhisattva a heart."

the compassionate, the Bodhisattva's heart and the means of King Kong are two sides of one body, both of which are indispensable.

tolerance needs a bottom line, kindness needs reason

Bai Yansong said: "Why do people take you less and less seriously, because you are too talkative."

whenever others are in trouble, you lend a helping hand, and when you ask for it, you say yes, but if you don't know how to refuse, you often get an inch.


@ Liangqian

shared stories with classmates:

students came to Liangqian city to work hard, but did not find a suitable residence for the time being.

Liangqian has an apartment, which his parents have prepared for him, so he is not willing to rent it.

he gave his house to his classmates to live temporarily, and said that they did not need to pay the rent.

the students stayed down happily. Soon after, the students began to borrow money from Liangqian, borrowing more or less each time, and next time.

one day half a year later, Liangqian received a complaint from his neighbors that they often had parties and quarreled until the wee hours of the morning, disturbing the neighbors to have a good rest.

when I got back to my house, I found out:

there is rubbish everywhere on the floor; wine bottles are scattered all over the table; there are signs of sleeping people on the bed and on the sofa; the room is filled with the smell of leftovers and alcohol and tobacco, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

A good house makes it look like a recycling bin.

only then did Liangqian understand that the students regarded themselves as a bad head that could put a long line and hook a big fish.

when Liang asked his classmates, he said impatiently, "the house has been handed over to me. Of course it's up to me."

Liang Qian asked his classmates to move out of the house, but the students confidently refused to move, saying that they had no money to change places. Liangqian dropped five thousand yuan to his classmate and told him to pack up and leave quickly.

Liangqian said to his classmates, "that's it for the rest of our lives. Don't get in touch with each other." Then, he was blocked.

the faults of some people are all your talkative and accustomed to.

when you are too good to be defenseless to others, others dare to be too bad to take care of them.

the pleasure of helping others is a virtue, but if there is no scale to help others, it is asking for trouble.

the bankrupt Sisters says:

in addition to talking about YES, one should often talk about NO.

although affinity is very important, human value comes from rejection.

moderate refusal is not indifference, but guarding each other's boundaries.

all good relationships need to know how to be measured and keep the bottom line. Only in this way can we advance and retreat in a moderate manner and never get tired of it.

the best life is kind and sharp

in the face of the difficulties of others, kindness is a choice, not your duty.

you can lend a helping hand on your own initiative, but others have no right to force it.

people who are dismissive of your efforts, standing idly by is the best response.

there is a saying: kindness is very precious, but kindness does not grow teeth, that is weakness.

once read such a story:

A rich lady accidentally dropped her luxury handbag into the river, taking photos with a change of shape on the bridge by the river.

when the lady saw the boatman on the river, she was picking her handbag out of the water with a bamboo pole.

instead of giving thanks, the lady shouted angrily to the boatman:

"be careful not to let that broken bamboo pole break my bag. Bring the boat ashore at once and bring it up to me. "

the boatman was stunned, the bamboo pole shook, and the handbag fell into the river again and floated downstream with the flow of water.

the lady was cursing loudly on the bridge, while the boatman made a face at her, sang folk songs, turned the bow and drove away slowly.

after the lady spread her teeth and claws for a while, she could only look lonely and watch her handbag disappear into the river.

when you fall out, you turn your face. You don't have to cater to those who despise you.

those who respect me, respect them; those who despise me, abandon them.

kindness to the wrong person is worthless, and it will only be trampled under foot.

kindness is free, but not cheap. Your kindness should be sharp so that it will not be misinterpreted.

the poet Gu Cheng wrote in the Rose:

"the rose wears sharp thorns, which does not turn into thorns, but only protects its spring blossoms from being ravaged by wild beasts."

A man should be like a rose, the fragrance of flowers is predestined to protect himself.

A good man deserves to be respected, but a bad good man does not deserve

there is a hot comment on NetEase Cloud:

A bad person is a poison that makes you addicted not only to yourself, but also to your demands.

until in the end, everyone becomes enemies, and this interpersonal relationship with powerful poison will come to an end.

Adults have a compulsory course called stop loss in time.

people with bad character should stay away, those who ask for too much should be given up, and those who are arrogant should be treated coldly.

True kindness is easygoing without losing edges and corners, soft without losing edge.

the rest of your life is not long. Be kind to others and please yourself.

, may you have thorns on your body and light in your eyes; be able to hold umbrellas for others and protect yourself from getting wet.