Don't tease me.

Don't tease me.

Don't pretend to be smart.

suddenly looked up and saw a man and a woman face to face.

it was relatively late, and there were only sparse pedestrians in the teaching building, and then the girl stepped back awkwardly and squatted down to tie her shoes.

I guess they are not lovers, because there is only a sense of embarrassment and distance between them.

aside, I couldn't help shaking my head and laughing.

so I interviewed some people and collected some seductive minefields from them.

in recent years in college, I have seen all kinds of high-profile confessions just looking downstairs in my dormitory.

then more than 20 electric cars drove headlights and engines, and a group of people kept honking their horns and shouting girls' names. However, he may feel that a group of people have made a special trip to express their love, but they have not even seen the hostess, so the way of shouting has vaguely changed from "please" to "force".

in the end, the hostess did not show up. After holding on for more than ten minutes, the party left helplessly.

but in addition to the curiosity at the beginning, the girls in the dormitory at that time finally took a attitude towards the show: "very annoying, would you please stop fighting? which girl is it? get out of here."

II. Gifts are not as expensive as possible.

every holiday, someone says, "the more expensive the lipstick, the better, and the rarer the color number, the better." but courtesy things can be solved with money.

I would be disappointed if someone gave me lipstick directly as a gift.

Choose elegant ninang gowns for wedding to get your desired appearance. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

all of these are neatly placed in A4-sized gift boxes, heavy.

among these, my favorite is the diary, which I put on the shelf for some time after reading it. Because it's a gift that can only be given to me. I saw not only myself but also "him" in it.

but whether it's a cheap diary or a picture frame, it's more memorable than simple lipstick.

gifts that connect with people will be more meaningful.

the most prominent feature of the ambiguous period is chatting day and night, as if everything is worth sharing with each other.

A friend said that her affection for a boy disappeared because she stayed up all night reviewing, and then forgot to turn it off during her nap. As a result, her cell phone vibrated crazily and woke herself up alive.

she said helplessly: "it's like, I have to be under his nose all the time. Maybe some people will like it and feel cared about, but for me, I really can't breathe."

take the initiative to let the other person get busy first, and say that you can chat with you at any time when you are tired, and don't even insist on spending the holiday together. This way of getting along will be more comfortable.

maybe there are too many idol dramas, and many people think that a sudden flash will certainly make the other party excited and moved.

friend Y says: "tell me to come down in half an hour?" How to put on makeup! How to prepare! " , "what a surprise! It is only sincere to ask a girl at least a day or two in advance. "

when people prepare for a surprise, they need a script.

suddenly appears, asking the other party to answer the appointment immediately, in fact, there is some implication of forcing people to make it difficult. The friend said, "Don't play unless you can seize the opportunity to show up."

there are a lot of people who like to draw circles for themselves, and this circle has some little habits of their own.

in this private circle, people feel comfortable.

or friend Y, she was having dinner with a boy who was having an affair when the other person suddenly said, "I don't seem to be in your Wechat?"

some people think it's okay, but the problem is that when they get along with others according to their own standards, they can only make themselves happy, not necessarily make them comfortable.

in fact, when talking about some stupid ways, those self-righteous images and actions flash through my mind, and most people are actually angry and funny.

but at the end of the interview, she nodded thoughtfully and said, "but in fact, when you look back, you will find it a little cute." Clearly do not understand but also pick the color number, said that Dior as Audi, to create a surprise also accidentally slip the tongue …... "

so sometimes you say "Don't flirt with me". It may be that you really don't want to see those fancy but old-fashioned tricks, or you may want to hear some people say clumsily that they miss you, say you want to eat together and go shopping together.

good night.

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