Don't stay up late.

Don't stay up late.

The body is not a bank, it is a spring.

as for me, because of my girlfriend's daily supervision, I try to go to bed before one o'clock and go to bed before 01:30. But of course there are exceptions. I am a dead man. I can't sleep when I drink tea, but I love tea-loving cakes, pearl milk tea, fruit tea, and lemon tea in cafes.

so I may be better than them, but if staying up late is defined as "staying up after 12:00", then I stay up late almost every day.

when I heard that sentence on the phone, I scolded: "shit."

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so recently the office is often just me and Alai, although they used to skip work, but now this situation has nothing to do with rebellion, it is full of sadness.

one told me that "I was already in poor health, and my diet and routine were irregular, so that's it." the other told me, "the disease is congenital, but if I stay up too much recently, I will have a relapse."

he sent me a smiling face, saying: "staying up late is pure, get used to it:)"

A few years ago I explained "stay up late" in a random way, saying that its essence is fear:

fear of repeating tomorrow begins after waking up.

like children like biting fingers, like adults like smoking, like my toothbrush must be put in the mouthwash cup with toothpaste, they have nothing to do with psychology and physiology. It is simply something we often do and then regard it as a "must do" thing.

stay up late, just stay up late.

I know that even if I say that, it may not work for you at all.

because I don't want to tell such stories about the people around me anymore.

are all minor surgeries, so don't worry:)

Zepeng is really not afraid of death. He updated

the name itself is angular