"Don't promise me again."

"Don't promise me again."

A promise without ability is just a rope that binds a chair.

A Le: "No."

A Le: "what do you want him to do?"

A Le: "as a matter of fact, when two people are together, it's better to be happy now."

then we moved back to lipstick, and I took back what I was going to say.

A few days ago, I saw her post a selfie of her short hair on moments, with a sentence : "I want to start from scratch."

that night she asked us out for drinks and boast dice, and at 12:30, we suggested going back to the dormitory. It couldn't be any later.

A Le said : "can I get drunk tonight?"

We know that she is sad, even though she is as happy as nothing when drinking and playing dice.

We drank with her until two o'clock that night.

people who are drunk, some go to sleep, some keep crying, and some keep talking.

A Le is the kind of person who keeps talking.

she kept repeating: "he's not bad, and there's nothing wrong with me. Why did we break up?" Is it because we are not suitable? "

at this time, a friend next to me told me that the last time she broke up, she also came out to get drunk. And they break up for the same reason every time.

A Le doesn't seem to like to hear about marriage.

after returning to the dormitory that night, I flipped through A Le's moments and found this line:

"your boys' promises are really worthless."

the picture is a screenshot of a chat: his boyfriend is trying to apologize and excuse him for standing up.

after that, I began to think about something: "do you want to make a commitment to each other when you are in love?"

I have a friend. When she talked about her plans with her boyfriend, she told me that they had recently started saving together and depositing money in the same account.

she told me that it feels good to work towards the same goal together.

some time ago, I teased her and asked her, "how's the money savings going?"

she sent a hehe expression and then said, "you might find it funny. He spent all his money on his flowers."

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