Don't blame me, okay?

Don't blame me, okay?

"I don't want to."

compared with city of stars, this melody is fast and slow, and there seem to be many possibilities.

if I accompany you to Paris, if you don't sign up for a band, if you spend more time with you, the outcome will be different, but now that I'm on stage and you're off stage, this is the only ending.

so I can only play this song often and play another possibility in my mind, another possibility of clasping our fingers off the stage.

the text is as follows:

when the Winter Solstice was having dinner that day,

she glanced at the caller ID and began to scold:

do you know what holiday it is today?

then talk and laugh with us after hanging up.

A girl next to her quickly sent Wechat to tell her boyfriend the address.

her boyfriend came and pulled her out.

she didn't come back after that, and we didn't know what happened.

when we met again today,

she said that he really didn't know there was a festival that day and was working on a project.

she said to me a little jokingly:

after she waved away,

it did seem that there were many times when

the last time the department was preparing for the event,

took the subway for an hour to the market to buy materials. After the

materials were handed in,

said that the recent teaching evaluation,

I did not know the news from the minister.

he was also equipped with a speechless meme.

the activity was cancelled.

I opened the chat box.

"it's very disrespectful if you don't even say a word."

because I caught a glimpse of his message in the chat record:

maybe he was more uncomfortable than my hearsay when he learned on the spot.

and bear more than us.

he is like a man who protected us after the earthquake.

he still blames him for not blocking it.

I realized that the behavior of criticizing the victim

also made myself look ugly.

because the need to vent is so urgent,

actually saying those words will not make us feel any better,

but do not realize that the source of the matter is not in those innocent people.

the last thing you should do is to transfer the harm ignorantly and brutally.

it completely separates hardship from intention.

you will want to know whether he didn't see it or didn't want to go back;

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when a loved one says he doesn't want to fall in love,

you may also want to know if he is really hungry or just poor quality.

We naturally fall on those who care.

but not so close to each other.

it is often easy to plant a wrong seed in our heart.

finally negates him from one thing.

when occasionally I refuse others because I really don't have time,

when I forget to pick up the express delivery for others,