Congratulations! Gu Ailing won the championship, and the truth behind it was all over the net: everything can't be hidden.

Congratulations! Gu Ailing won the championship, and the truth behind it was all over the net: everything can't be hidden.

She lived to be what hundreds of millions of girls want to be!


the Winter Olympic Games are finally here!

Today, "talented girl" Gu Ailing won the gold medal with a score of 188.25 in the women's freestyle skiing platform final at the Winter Olympics.

this is also the first gold medal in the history of the Chinese women's team in the snow event of the Winter Olympics!

Gu Ailing created the history of skiing in China with her own strength!

Congratulations to Gu Ailing! Congratulations to Chinese team!

along the way, Gu Ailing has become a talented girl who is regarded as the "ideal of the world", not just because of her strong ability to win gold in the competition.

mixed-race baby face

the heart is pure Chinese heart

Gu Ailing's life is like an open novel.

Gu Ailing was born in the United States in 2003. My father graduated from Harvard and my mother graduated from Peking University and Stanford. The whole family is high achiever.

the name Gu Ailing contains all her mother's expectations of her:

"Love" is tenderness, "Ling" is Ling Yun's ambition, soaring into the sky.

be both gentle and powerful.

Gu Ailing and Mom

Mother Gu Yan's attachment to the land of cell clothes made her pay special attention to the issue of identity when educating Gu Ailing.

she will tell her daughter about Chinese traditional culture and customs, and take her back to China every summer vacation to make new friends in a cultural class.

together with my grandparents who live in Beijing, walk through every old alley and hutong, climb the Great Wall to visit museums.

so Gu Ailing has been a Beijing accent since childhood, and she is not unfamiliar with Chinese interviews. Her personal account has released many Chinese videos to share her experiences on cooking Chinese food and conscientiously convey Chinese culture to international horizons.

although he has a mixed-race baby face, the heart is pure Chinese heart.

in 2019, the 16-year-old announced on the social platform that she would play for the Chinese team in the future, and proudly said in front of the camera:

"Hello, everyone, I am a Chinese girl!"

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the formation of a skiing princess

what real parents call "other people's children"

at a young age, she lives more sober than anyone else.

"the most important thing in life for me is to find what I want to do and enjoy it."

skiing is what Gu Ailing decided to do from an early age.

even though she is not as tall as her skateboard, she is fascinated by this dangerous sport in the ice and snow.

in the endless free world, you can leap into the sky and be a bird flying high and fluttering its wings.

she enjoys every minute on the ski resort.

8, Gu Ailing officially joined the local professional skiing team, thus starting her career in skiing.

soon, she stood out in the junior group skiing competition.

by virtue of her strength, she has won respect among a group of contestants who are older and have a physical advantage over her.

he won more than 50 gold medals at the age of 15, including 9 world champions, and has become a recognized skiing genius in North America.

search for "gold medal" on her Weibo


, there are so many awards that I can't count ten pairs of hands!

and across the field at the same time, Gu Ailing did not ignore the culture class, and like the elders in the family, she is worthy of the name high achiever.

she got a full score of 1600 out of 1600 in the American college entrance examination, and she scored 1580.

was admitted to Stanford University with nearly full marks.

what real parents call "other people's children"!

as a woman

can also stand on top of the world

No one's success is achieved overnight.

in order to compete for the Winter Olympic Games, Gu Ailing reduced her four-year high school curriculum to three years.

she became the first student to graduate from high school ahead of schedule, concentrating on preparing for the Winter Olympic Games after completing her credits.

u200d documentary "extreme players" also truly shows the cruelty of competitive sports.

Gu Ailing suffered a concussion during skiing practice;

also hit the hard object on the side from a height of three meters during trampoline training for a long time unable to get up.

her collarbone, foot bone and fingers have all been fractured from skiing.

the high injury rate of athletes directly leads to the shortness of their careers.

and the shorter your career, the harder you want to stand out.

more than a month before the World Championships, Gu Ailing accidentally broke her right hand with a torn thumb ligament, but in order to compete, she decided to wear protective gloves.

she changed her strength habit and skied without a walking stick, and her performance was still very bright after overcoming many obstacles.

among the top international athletes, he won the championship successfully with a score of 93.00.

under the aura, Gu Ailing is just a little girl who has experienced injuries and bears heavy pressure.

she tries to adjust her mood in her own way and balance her career, studies and life.

make sure you get enough sleep for 10 hours a day, hit your ski stick twice to cheer yourself up before playing, and draw kittens on your hands to look forward to good luck.

for her, the pain and pain she experienced on the way to pursue love nourish her soul.

those who persevere will not be defeated by others in the end.

now she is so strong that in only three weeks, she can learn the extreme movement of 1440 degrees in the air and win the championship.

it is also rare in history for a woman to perform this difficult move in a competition.

the breakthrough of the volley was self-evident, and all the referees were conquered by her.

and in Gu Ailing's heart, the competition is not for individuals to compete for honor, but to prove on the field where one speaks by strength:

skiing is not exclusive to male power, girls can still do better.

she has been shouting for women's sports and career path since she was 12 years old.

7 years

has passed, but I haven't changed my mind.

behind the opening and hanging up of life

is the sober cognition of gifted girls

"A model who does not win a gold medal in skiing is not a qualified gourmet." this is Gu Ailing's definition of herself.

skiing is only a section of Gu Ailing's life, and her hobbies and career map are richer than she imagined.

Piano, equestrian, rock climbing, ballet, archery, and even writing science fiction, as long as she likes, everything is done beautifully.

she is in high spirits on the field, and she is even more dazzling under the camera.

Gu Ailing has been interested in fashion since she was a child. She likes watching catwalks and has made many designer friends all over the world.

Gu Ailing stepped onto the stage of Paris Fashion week in 2019. Last year

playing shoulder games again

Skar's Met Gala charity fashion ball appears on the red carpet


dare to try, dare to break through, dare to show their strength and beauty.

the challenging spirit of competitive sports has been integrated into every aspect of her life.

with her sunny, healthy image, frank personality, fluency in both Chinese and English, and keen fashion perception and plasticity, she is favored by many business brands.

the stars compete for the most valued extravagant resources for "layout" one after another.

in the middle of last year, Tiffany announced that Gu Aileen became the global spokesman of the brand, alongside Anya Taylor and American actor Tracee Ellis Ross, both hot international stars.

luxury brand IWC announced last year that Gu Ailing was the spokesperson for the brand, and her former spokesperson was Kate Blanchett, the most award-winning queen of the century.

she is also a member of underwear brand Victoria's Secret The VS Collective, a close friend of Estée Lauder's Asia-Pacific brand, and a Cadillac brand spokesman.

some time ago, I also filmed a feature film about the ice and snow of the Winter Olympic Games with Yi Qianxi.

she also has a particularly high appearance rate among the hot national trend brands in recent years, such as Lucky, Mengniu, Anta,, and even China Mobile and the Bank of China.

even the big magazine cover that the stars want is not lost.

the cover of the February issue of clothing and Beauty of "VOGUE" magazine follows the route of perseverance and arrogance.

the March issue of "ELLE" has become a youth sports trend.

the March issue of Harper's Bazaar has become a glamorous and cold lady;

under the lens of "Instyle Youjia Illustrated", he has become a changeable elf.

there are also Jia Ren NOW and CHANPION Sports Illustrated.

Gu Ailing's popularity is already beyond the reach of many gaudy love bean stars.

and she chooses to cooperate with international brands, and more importantly, she tries to export her attitude to the outside world.

the spirit of cooperation with Tiffany is to demonstrate the power of the youth avant-garde younger generation, while the cooperation with Victoria's Secret is to break the stereotyped requirements on women's figure and skin color.

she advocates women to refuse appearance anxiety, in her heart, "

Beauty is powerful, confident and healthy


, not the beauty of being thin.

as good as she is, she is called a "girl of genius", but she said frankly in an interview:

"I only have 0.1% talent. The remaining 99.9% is training and hard work day after day. "

maybe we can't live a glorious life, but we can still strive for better ourselves.

to break through, to challenge


", I wish Gu Ailing can rise in the wind in the land she loves, step on the snow to find the dragon, and continue to create her own miracle!

wish all the Olympic athletes a good result, create resplendence, and cheer for the Chinese team!