Buddhist girls are really hard to touch.

Buddhist girls are really hard to touch.

No one can trick them.

I often forget to reply to her. Not only is she not angry, she also says that she is smart and obedient and not clingy. When she goes out and asks her what to eat, she says she can eat what she likes. When she asks her where she wants to play, she says she listens to me. In the end, our date became face-to-face writing.

I looked at my chat with her and found it was very interesting.

I am embarrassed to say that

will discuss

with her for a long time before deciding on the gift

I suddenly want to do a radio program

what she looked like when I first met

she was in Zhanjiang, far away from me

, I suddenly wanted to tell her about the scene

I like to be honest with her

I don't really like flirting

she's really a very difficult person to flirt with

it's like this:)

either she doesn't follow the script

she breaks your stem directly:)

then I finally flirted with her, but she said, "it's because of you."

but again, because that person is her, I will reluctantly want to do it.

this is not a joke. The first time I talked to her, I even put down a sentence and said it later.

I start to reply to her messages and start to care about her every move.

1. Eat spicy hot pot together.

3. Watch scary horror movies together.

5. Listen to your favorite concert together.

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received the birthday present she had been dragging on for ten days this morning.

she drew a whole book of A4 paper, each with details about how she liked me.

when I saw the gift, I was surprised, because I didn't think that the Buddhist girl who was so difficult to touch could secretly remember so many details about me.

probably because that person can't let them break the precepts yet.


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