Break up and start by tidying up yourself

Break up and start by tidying up yourself

Life is a process to keep things simple, get rid of the old and welcome the new.

when people reach middle age, they experience complexity and prosperity, and things are impermanent.

just realized that the world is your own and has nothing to do with others.

the real separation does not lie in the choice of external things, but in the purity of the heart.

learn to organize yourself so that you can live at ease.

sort out your thoughts and stop thinking

as the old saying goes, "all things are done at the same time, and I will see their recovery."

Natural things are numerous and complicated, and only by clarifying the direction can we peel off the cocoon and see the essence of things.

the same is true of people's thoughts and thoughts. If they are not sorted out in time, they will flood like a flood.

A lot of delusions linger in my mind, making it hard to extricate myself from it.

in a Taoist temple, every afternoon, the Taoist master takes all his disciples to meditate and practice.

one of them was a Taoist boy who was always looking around and restless.

when the Taoist saw it, he asked the Taoist boy to go to the yard and prune the branches of the trees.

seeing that everyone was confused, the preacher said:

"people's thoughts are like this disorderly branch, which will not grow wantonly only if it is often repaired."

this is true.

if a person does not know how to clear his mind in time and is disturbed by all kinds of trifles, he will be disturbed and lose the original rhythm of life.

A philosopher once said:

"the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

in life, most of the troubles are essentially brought about by ideas.

A truly wise man will always examine his own thoughts and cut off useless delusions.

always keep a clear head, clear mind and clear heart, so you can always be peaceful and joyful and steadily go far away.

sort out your emotions and give up complaining

as the saying goes, "the wind does not end, showers do not last all day",

people's emotions come and go like high winds and torrential rain.

if you don't manage the adjustment regularly, you will get stuck in the quagmire of emotion, make life out of control, and lead to all kinds of disasters.

once upon a time, there was a fisherman who always had a lot of unreasonable emotions.

at this time, I was so angry when I saw a black spot on the clothes my wife washed that I forgot to bring rain shelter.

unexpectedly, as soon as we got to the sea, there was a strong wind and it rained heavily.

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others advised him to leave as soon as possible, but he just blamed his wife for her mistakes and did not act for a long time.

as a result, the rain became heavier and heavier and soon flooded his fishing boat.

A writer once said:

"emotions are like a sea in people's hearts, those who meet ride the wind and waves, and those who do not fall and engulf them."

in fact, in our daily life, each of us will have moments of depression and mental collapse.

this is natural and inevitable.

fools only complain, but wise men know how to adjust themselves.

learn to be aware of emotions, accept emotions, organize emotions, and slowly you will find that disasters begin to move away and good luck is coming.

tidy up your mood, away from trouble and pain

the Book of morality says: "to be a saint, go to the extreme, go to extravagance, go to Thailand."

Holy people are not addicted to wealth, do not care about gains and losses, are not trapped in fame, and are not burdened by external things.

with peace of mind and peace of mind, you can stay away from troubles and pain and build a pure heart.

have seen such a short story:

there was a beggar, ragged and messy.

one day, he was begging in the street when a little girl gave him a bunch of flowers.

the beggar took the flowers back, and when he saw them in full bloom, his mood immediately improved.

so I changed a clean vase for the flowers and cleaned the room when I saw that the room was dirty and messy.

after tidying up the room, I found myself dishevelled.

it can be seen that when one's mood gets better, everything in life will go smoothly.

everyone has their own magnetic field, which, like a magnet, attracts things of the same frequency.

when you straighten out your mood and feel good from the bottom of your heart, the world will look good.

as Yang Lan said, "Happiness does not fall from the sky, but grows from the heart."

often adjust your mood and face life with a positive attitude.

I believe that good things will happen, and slowly things will come true and life will go well.

Mr. Lin Yutang once said:

"the wisdom of life is to gradually clarify and filter out the unimportant impurities and retain the most important parts."

indeed, life is a process of simplifying the old and welcoming the new.

Wise people don't stick to external things, they know how to pay attention to their hearts and adjust themselves in time.

only by sorting out your thoughts and putting an end to miscellaneous thoughts and delusions can you move forward steadily.

only by tidying up our emotions and giving up complaining and entanglement can we avoid disasters.

tidy up your mood and stay away from troubles and pain, so that everything will go well.

, for the rest of my life, may we learn to really break up and organize from time to timeOneself, live sober and transparent, relaxed and free.