Andy Lau and Yi Yi Qianxi sang across the era and went viral: the spirit of "stupid Children" is brushed on the screen, and ordinary people can also create miracles.

Andy Lau and Yi Yi Qianxi sang across the era and went viral: the spirit of "stupid Children" is brushed on the screen, and ordinary people can also create miracles.

As long as you move forward bravely in the direction of your heart, you will certainly encounter "miracles".

2021 has waved goodbye, looking back on this year, many ordinary people happened to the story, more than once moving.

in reality, countless people never give up in the face of the darkest moments of life.

persistence is to make miracles happen and be born again.

the post-90s girl Xiang Chenxi was diagnosed with ALS when she was 8 years old. The serious condition not only made her unable to move, but also increased family pressure day by day.

his mother quit her job to take care of him, and his father, over 50 years old, was the only source of income in the family.

although she suffered from illness and psychological remorse, she never gave up an active life.

she said: "although there are no miracles in life, we will drag our disabled bodies and live like miracles."

even though there are many misfortunes to face in life, even if life kisses me with pain, I always sing in return.

this is what we learned from the morning light, and it is also the movie

"Miracle stupid Kids"

the meaning of existence.

Wen Muye, who became famous in the war of "I am not the God of Medicine", once again gathered the team of "God of Medicine"


with the enthusiasm and original intention of making a good movie like the god of medicine, Wen Muye made a brand-new feature film, which is a very realistic life-reversing struggle legend in the hot land of Shenzhen-"Miracle stupid Child".

each character in the movie is an acronym for millions of ordinary people, who hide in the city, travel through the times, and continue their stories in every invisible corner.

the childish 20-year-old Jing Hao (played by Yi Qianxi) has no choice but to depend on his sister Jing Tong because his father abandoned his wife and son and his mother died early.

in the unsustainable days, the lovely and sensible Jing Tong is the only driving force for Jing Hao to survive.

but fate is so unfair.

"Tong Tong is six and a half years old this year, and she must have the operation before the age of eight." Or your life will be in danger.

in order to keep his only belief alive, Jing Hao spared no effort to do all the dirty work and hard work he could:

become "Spider-Man" and stick to working at high altitude despite the pain;

in order to be in a hurry, he accidentally fell while riding a motorcycle on the road.

was looked down upon, but he could only swallow it and stick to it silently.

although Jing Hao works around the clock, he is still a drop in the bucket in the face of huge surgical fees.

but he never gave up, because he and his sister had a creed:

nothing is impossible as long as we work hard.

but the risk is very high, there is no deposit, the factory lease and the wages of the workers need to be paid by Jing Hao himself.

if the finished product rate does not reach 85%, if you treat your sister for a long time, you will fall into a bigger debt storm.

but Jinghao had to take a chance for his sister. He formed a team and began a difficult entrepreneurial journey.

but I didn't expect that all the members of the team were "strange people".

Liang Yongcheng was the first to stand beside Jing Hao. He was the most ordinary man with no special skills, but like a father, he brought infinite hope and care to Jing Hao.

Zhang Chao, the "teenager chasing the wind" who used to be all-powerful in the game, is actually an "Internet bar god" who ate the last meal and never had the next meal.

Zhang Longhao, who has just been released from prison, is a melancholy fighter with few harsh words.

Wang Chunmei, a hard-working single mother with hearing impairment;

there is even a group of "disabled" handymen who ask for nothing in return.

A strange combination, without excellent technology, even the factory director is a fledgling child.

is such an "unreliable" group of people who continue to perform miracles.

they are the most common ordinary people in life, ordinary "stupid children", each with pain and stories, spare no effort to dream.

No one has ever been optimistic about them, there is no merit, but in the long sea of people, such as rootless duckweed, life has made them black and blue, and has erased their hopes.

but at the bottom of the Miracle team, no one has ever given up their dreams and dreams for the future, and they are willing to fight for it.

maybe I am confused for a moment, but I won't forget the direction in my heart. This is my uncle's biggest feeling after watching the movie.

"Miracle stupid Kids" put the most real scene of every ordinary person on the screen and tell you:

as long as you work hard, as long as you can find the enthusiasm and courage in life, you will be able to pursue the happiness you want. This is the power of miracles.

"there is a stupid child outside the quiet village, born in the sixties."

familiar music sounded, countless people's memories were pulled back 20 years ago, it was an era of poor entertainment, but also a classic era.

"stupid Child" is a song written by Andy Lau himself, and it is also his favorite song, which hides all his sad past.

the lyrics are simple, without circuitous preaching, but touching enough. TraceIt is a story about children who grow up in a difficult environment, who are not afraid of hardships and dangers and strive for the top.

Andy Lau has gone from an unknown young actor to a movie, television, and song superstar in Asia. Along the way, he has been full of bitterness and emotion, which has been translated into words and written into this song.

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this song is like a lighthouse, illuminating countless people who walk alone in the dark.

now, this song once again has a deep resonance with many dry souls.

it is no longer unique to that era, Wen Muye has given it a new meaning.

the movie's debut theme song "still a stupid Child" was sung by Andy Lau and Yi Qianxi.

through cross-era exchange of dialogue-like songs, the two generations of "stupid children" tell each other's stories and feelings, and continue to convey to everyone the indomitable spirit of "stupid children" who struggle and work hard for a happy life in the new era.

most people's life label is ordinary, they are all "stupid children", but stupid children also have stupid wonderful, they have been living in the opposite direction.

like the story in the movie, it tells about struggle and growth from the perspective of ordinary people, and pursues glory with dreams and beliefs.

"Miracle" was renamed "Miracle stupid Kids" not only because the song carries the stories of many people, but also because the people it represents and the lyrics express are in line with the growth experience of each character in the film.

like the Miracle team in the movie, their stories are perfectly interpreted by stupid Kids.

those who have been clenching their teeth in life, those who persist in their dreams and do not flinch, they are ordinary people, they are extraordinary.

because the meaning of life is not defined.

from the story of "Miracle stupid Kids", you can see the bitterness and helplessness of life, but survival from desperate circumstances, bottoming out and never bowing to fate is what every hard-working person looks forward to most.

whether it is Jing Hao, Zhang Chao or Wang Chunmei, they all convey the same belief: miracles exist, as long as you believe in it and try to chase it.

perhaps we who stumble for life are all "stupid kids". As long as you move forward bravely in the direction of your heart, you will certainly encounter a "miracle"!