After the exam, you seem to be ten years older

After the exam, you seem to be ten years older

Old age has nothing to do with age, it is a kind of mentality.

so I began to have a headache again. I put my head against the wall, which I couldn't ignore. I wanted to shout a few words, but I found it even more painful.

most people who can't help themselves will ask for extra help, the most popular one is coffee, and the commissary has seized the business opportunity to raise the price by two yuan.

she took a picture of a girl holding a can with a shivering hand and a law as thick as a Chinese dictionary in the other.

this group of people who stay up late with coffee are no different from relying on painkillers, cheating to alleviate their physical difficulties and strive for more comfort.

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when I am healthy, I will call this behavior "fighting". After all, it is possible to spell it only once a semester. The result either depends on a lesson that does not fall to the ground, or it is hard work the night before, not necessarily who wins.

but I know better that people who don't have a problem don't care about health at all. It's old-fashioned and tacky, and it sounds as harsh as easy to raise.

in their eyes, we want to throw in the towel before we see the finish line.

at noon he posted a message on moments saying, "Health is really important."

if Wechat can show what everyone likes every day, then I will be mercilessly ridiculed by my friends and ask me how I have a soft spot for such unnutritious news.

in short, it will not be healthy, because health is a mineral, and now we are just beginning to dig.

so it's not that we didn't see the finish line, but our finish line, it came too early, we didn't even expect it, we didn't admit defeat, we just threw in the towel.

if you use them as costs in exchange for returns that seem important at the moment, they will leave you wisely.

the average exists because there are countless people silently struggling under it, trying to climb up a little bit along the rope, while those ordinary people who stop on the average just don't think so.

this is because people who are really at the bottom often want to hide, just as fat girls want to cover their flesh, wives who are abused want to cover their scars, they don't want to be seen, they don't want to be laughed at, and they don't want to be blamed.

among a group of ordinary people, it is not easy to have a normal person. Similarly, it is rare to have a happy family, good health and high spirits.

finally, when we realize that beauty and health are not certain, we are bound to attract the alternative attention of most people, but we need not be ashamed of it, because youth is not the same as profligacy.

if you are not in good health, look for ways to maintain your health. don't always stay up late.

if you have a bad temper, you should spend more time alone.

some old people always take the trouble to tell their children to pay attention to their health. in fact, it's not that old people forget how slutty they were when they were young, but people who are near the end always want to make people bother less and let their destination come more slowly.

so those old people who are still energetic and keep exercising have confidence in their health, hope for the future, and they are still young.

you look at him at a young age, but he is already halfway through his life.

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