A person's greatest ability is emotional stability.

A person's greatest ability is emotional stability.

Keep your mood stable and live your life calmly and happily.


on the way of life, we encounter the greatest enemy, not difficulties, not failures, but emotions.

people who do not know how to control their emotions will fail even if they have a windfall, while those who know how to control their emotions can survive even though they are in thorns.

as John Milton said:

"A man is better than a king if he can control his emotions, desires and fears."

A person's greatest ability is emotional stability.

emotional instability is a disaster

the famous billiards player Louis Fox was already certain to win the championship match, but he missed the championship because of an unexpected fly.

during the game, a fly suddenly landed on his cue ball.

No matter how Louis drives away, the fly will always fly back.

because of the fly, Louis's mood became extremely bad and gradually lost his calmness and reason.

he kept waving the club and hitting the fly angrily, but the club touched the cue ball, and the referee punished him for taking the initiative.

the original good situation, because this mistake took a sharp turn for the worse, Louis missed the championship.

unstable emotions, uncontrolled, not only lose the championship, wanton, but also lead to many adverse consequences.

an old lady Ma once treasured a fine jade bracelet handed down from her ancestors for three generations. every day she would take it out and have a look at it and wipe it carefully.

No matter how comforted others were, the old lady was always unable to let it go, and later became ill because her depression was difficult to resolve.

A year later, the originally able-bodied old lady passed away. It is said that when she was dying, she still clung to the broken jade bracelet.

and Mrs. Ma's death has a lot to do with her depression.

it's not scary to have negative emotions. The scary thing is that you're stuck in it, you can't get out, and you can't heal these out-of-control emotions by yourself.

so, be sure to try to be the master of emotions, and don't ruin 90% of your life because of 10% of your unhappiness.

Please always remember that your happiness and health are more important than anything else.

if you are emotionally stable, everything will go well

having emotions is an instinct, while emotional stability is an ability.

Confucius said: "the benevolent enjoy the mountain, and the wise enjoy the water." Benevolent people are kind-hearted, have a calm character, and do not have frequent joys and sorrows because of trifles.

Confucius traveled around the world after the age of 50, lobbying kings to accept his own Confucianism, in exchange for a lot of confusion and ridicule.

when Confucius was in the State of Zheng, Confucius met a hermit who laughed at Confucius and said, "it is like a dog lost at home."

after hearing this, Confucius just gladly replied, "Yes!" Alas! " And then turned over the matter.

when he was left behind, Confucius smiled with a mind as calm as a Confucian mountain and did not get angry. With such a state of mind, no wonder he could have a rare life in troubled times.

Laozi said, "the good is like water, and all things in water conservancy do not dispute, and do what people hate, so it is almost better than Tao."

Water is amorphous and easy to flow. Water will not be entangled in the gains and losses of one place at a time, but change its own form, adapt to different environments, become a cup of tea, ascend to heaven into clouds, and fall to the ground for rain.

as the saying goes, "the weak is as irritable as a tiger, and the strong is as calm as water". If people can live like water and face everything without anxiety or impatience, that is the most ideal state.

Life always encounters unpleasant things. Instead of being happy for a while and venting randomly, it is better to learn to control your emotions before you can live a comfortable life in this world.

stabilize your mood and control your life

there is a folktale about a nouveau riche who wants to "buy wisdom" from local wise people.

A wise man only tells him that when he comes across something that makes him angry, he can get wisdom by taking a few steps back.

the nouveau riche didn't know, so when he got home, he saw his wife sleeping with someone in the same bed. In a rage, he almost lost his heart. Fortunately, he remembered the old man's words, so he took a few steps back.

it was just a few steps to wake up the person next to his wife, and the nouveau riche realized that he was his mother.

there is a passage in "Capital of a lifetime":

"at any time, one should not subject all actions to one's own emotions, but should control them in turn."

when you have violent mood swings, try to divert your anger through some actions.

when you are angry, choose to avoid it for a while. Have a cup of hot tea, watch a movie, or find a place to run around to free your body from tension.

when you are bored, you can chat with a friend, read a favorite book, and shift all your energy and attention to other things to ease your mood.

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learn to live with a more rational mindset. Don't be furious at the immediate gains and losses, but weigh the consequences of your anger.


if you let go of your emotional shackles and hit the road easily, you will find a broader road to life in the future.

from today on, no matter how big the problem is, we must keep peace of mind and build bridges in the face of mountains and water. No matter how difficult life is, it will be full of willows and flowers.

, keeping emotional stability and living this life calmly and happily is our biggest.Our ability is also our greatest blessing.