A jump on Wechat taught me to fall in love.

A jump on Wechat taught me to fall in love.

We are all a chess player.

as a Mini Game suitable for killing debris time, it is extremely simple, and the threshold for entry is close to zero.

is not like eating chicken. As soon as the novice landed, the sentence "where am I?" was just asked, and it became a box.

although getting started is not difficult, getting a high score is far from that easy.

but there's so much to learn if you want to keep this relationship going.

No wonder, growing up, the school taught us how to take the exam, and the workplace taught us how to make progress.

so that everyone is feeling the stones to cross the river.

the sense of size is at the core of the relationship.

simply put, don't flinch and don't push too hard.

while others are too radical and push too hard, throwing the pieces out of bounds every time.

I have also seen people who are extremely possessive and have only been in love for a few days, so they ask the man to delete all the other girls in the Wechat address book.

because even if you are lucky enough to jump on the edge this time, it is actually more difficult for you to hold on to the strength of the next attack.

but love is a game for those who believe in themselves. Only when they are neither humble nor arrogant can they accurately jump to the next brick.

did you know that 88% of people can't accurately fall on the center when they jump to the first brick?

only when people land for the first time will they know how far they are from the standard definition before they can modify their behavior on the next take-off.

if you don't have any talent for games, you have to jump at least a few more times before you can slowly find a sense of rhythm.

when I was with her, she often complained about me. She had several relationships, but very often she still made all kinds of low-level mistakes in her intimate relationship.

only after skipping various difficulties with her again and again, can I barely make some advanced mistakes.

but please, give him a little more time to find your sense of rhythm.

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when various strategies began to spread on the Internet, I quickly broke the previous game record. But before long, the average score plummeted, often not more than 100 in a single round.

and even if we lose this game, it will only be attributed to bad luck, and the frequency of record players is not enough.

after repeated setbacks, fast-food relationships have become a love model for many young people.

one day I suddenly felt that it was not so pleasing to the eye, so I broke up on the sidewalk and reinstalled the software I had just uninstalled.

there is even the so-called PUA teaching, which specializes in using various templates and routines to teach people how to attract (knock down) girls.

shortcuts make people experience pleasure quickly, but the scary thing is that you can no longer take a normal path.

when I first started playing, I could only jump to 200 points at most.

people are subconsciously afraid of recording.

I am still standing here because those who are trying to surpass me are kneeling at my feet.

obviously she has started a new game from scratch, but she still lingers on the new players.

did you know that this small move can increase your record-breaking probability by 63.95%?

in a new relationship, the other person's past is really not as important as you think.

everyone is like that chess piece, constantly groping in a relationship, constantly jumping, saving points higher and higher.

but falling in love is different.

if you don't dance well, you will quarrel and break up, but as long as you don't hurt your bones and bones and finally coax you, you can still make up.

so, even if the jumping posture is clumsy, even if you fall to the street every time you land,

will get better.

after writing this article, I suddenly want to do something special.

it's a beautiful night tonight.

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