480 days after leaving Li Jiaqi, assistant Fu Peng lived like this: the human heart is far more complicated than you think.

480 days after leaving Li Jiaqi, assistant Fu Peng lived like this: the human heart is far more complicated than you think.

This is the way life is, when you bid farewell to being separated, you whip your horse at the same time.

A humble "farewell" Weibo went viral on Sept. 23, 2020.

the person who posts Weibo is Fu Peng.

his identity is better known than that name-Li Jiaqi's assistant.

in Weibo, Fu Peng's "official declaration":

"quit Li Jiaqi's selection team and try your best to develop your interests and career."

Li Jiaqi, the party concerned, responded immediately, in a relaxed tone and polite wording, full of compliments and blessings.

however, when partners split up, it is inevitable that good people are partying in guesswork.

soon, comments from netizens, such as black clouds, poured in.

some people ridicule that the two are, after all, a "plastic friendship". Before that, everything was built for people to sell goods.

some people expect that the assistant is unwilling to be behind others, bent on flying alone, and his ambition is obvious.

some people argue that Li Jiaqi intends to break up, his assistant is dissatisfied with the distribution of interests, and the two talk about collapse and go their separate ways.

in the face of rumors, Fu Peng had to make his position clear:

"Jiaqi and I have always been good friends, and our relationship will not change."

who knows, as soon as this remark came out, everyone jumped out and questioned: is this really the case?

now, more than a year later, with several recent shocks in the live broadcast circle, Li Jiaqi's "the History of getting Rich in the Family" has been moved out again.

at this time, many people found that the sentence Li Jiaqi once said was not half false:

"how could I be where I am today without Fu Peng?"

in 2013, 22-year-old Fu Peng met Li Jiaqi, a year younger than him at work.

at that time, Fu Peng was the manager of Estée Lauder counter in a shopping mall in Nanchang, while Li Jiaqi was just an ordinary "counter brother" at L'Or é al counter next door.

two big boys of the same age have become best friends because they seldom share the same preference-beauty makeup.

after all, from the secular point of view, boys like rouge gouache, which is somewhat out of line with the convention.

therefore, in the harmony between the two of them, there is not only a sympathetic connection, but also the comfort of the regiment to keep warm.

the change in the fate of the two occurred at the end of 2016.

by chance, Li Jiaqi and six other colleagues were selected into the group's online sales incubation program.

at that time, e-commerce live streaming was still in a chaotic stage, and when it first entered this field, it was like groping forward in the dark night, and everything was full of unknown.


after some consideration, Li Jiaqi decided to leave Nanchang for a while and go to Shanghai alone, specializing in online sales from scratch.

maybe he was infected by the "aggressiveness" of his friends, or maybe he made a rational analysis of the prospect of live broadcast. Fu Peng also decisively resigned as store manager and embarked on the road of "drifting in Shanghai" with Li Jiaqi.

since it is "drifting", it is rare to have smooth sailing, and it is common for people to run up against a brick wall everywhere.

their first live broadcast was in the living room of a rented house. In order to make the background look less shabby, they specially chose a movie poster of "Angels Love Beauty" and posted it on top of the shabby orange sofa.

according to the company's "battle plan", they have to broadcast live for more than six hours a day, and they can't stop broadcasting for 30 days in a row.

maybe this plan is easy for Li Jiaqi today.

but at that time, very few people watched the live broadcast, and when a person faced the camera and talked to himself for six hours, it was easy to fall into nothingness.

what should I do? Fu Peng had to pretend to be a fan and continue to comment on Li Jiaqi, asking questions and bringing an atmosphere.

in this way, relying on each other to cheer for support, the two held on to complete the first live broadcast of their lives.

, Li Jiaqi asked Fu Peng how many people were watching online.

Fu Peng thought for a while and said:


several live broadcasts in a row, the number of viewers is still terrible.

when Li Jiaqi introduced the goods, Fu Peng handed over samples, made supplements, followed the process, and sometimes "dedicated" his face for Li Jiaqi to test beauty products.

slowly, through the contrast of "boys who make up", the number of viewers in the studio began to increase exponentially.

until Christmas 2016, Li Jiaqi went out of the circle because she was wearing lipstick.

as we all know, Li Jiaqi, who was born as a cosmetics guide, has a different set of assurance and recommendation for the mouth red number.

however, few people know that before that, Fu Peng spent all his savings and collected all the big-name lipstick for Li Jiaqi to choose and try.

after the fame of "Brother lipstick" began, Li Jiaqi's studio was no longer deserted, and Fu Peng, who had been running errands, was finally noticed.

at the request of netizens, Fu Peng joined the live broadcast and sat on Li Jiaqi's side in the name of "little assistant".

he walked from behind the scenes to the front of the lens, and the supplementary light shrouded him.

when Li Jiaqi introduced beauty makeup, he was willing to be a model and let him paint his face. Li Jiaqi introduced food, and he became a dry rice man, eating as much as possible.

Li Jiaqi is impatient and speaks quickly, and occasionally comes out with a few inappropriate words. Whenever this happens, Fu Peng will try his best to help him come back.

once, Li Jiaqi was recommending a lady's sleep.Clothing, large size sold out instantly after the product was launched.

Li Jiaqi was surprised at first, then blurted out:

"there are a lot of fat girls in our studio."

No sooner had he finished his voice than Fu Peng immediately took the call:

"No, girls like loose pajamas."

in a word, Li Jiaqi defused the criticism that might be caused.

on another occasion, Li Jiaqi said bluntly that it was "color" when describing the smell of a bottle of perfume.

Fu Peng listened and hurriedly reminded him:

"do you mean 'green' and 'astringent'?"

Li Jiaqi feels down-to-earth with Fu Peng at the bottom.

one of them charged in front, one supported in the rear, one made witty remarks frequently, one helped them calmly, one was very efficient, and the other was slow and organized.

embed and complement each other to make the live broadcast lively and interesting.

after the two partnered for a period of time, netizens named the pair "Qi is reasonable". Although there is an element of joke, Li Jiaqi recognizes the name from the bottom of her heart-how lucky it is for Jiaqi to be an assistant.

however, for Fu Peng, being seen is a double-edged sword.

on the one hand, the meaning of his existence has been recognized, on the other hand, with Li Jiaqi becoming more and more famous, he has become an obstacle in the eyes of many Li Jiaqi fans.

Fu Peng began to suffer cyber attacks, from appearance to business.

Little fat man, big mouth, true and false mother, interrupting randomly, doing nothing, will only rub Li Jiaqi's heat …... Every word is a sharp arrow that hits the bull's-eye.

until one day, after the two broadcast in the middle of the night, Fu Peng put forward the idea of leaving to Li Jiaqi for the first time.

at 5 am, Li Jiaqi posted on Weibo calling on fans to stop scolding his assistant.

in a live broadcast, Fu Peng, who couldn't bear the Internet violence, finally couldn't help saying to Li Jiaqi:

"can you tell this fan that she scolds me every day?"

in those abusive voices, Fu Peng gradually had self-doubt. His ability and contribution were so insignificant.

those who scolded him saw that Li Jiaqi had the same scenery, but he did not expect that behind this scenery, he could not do without Fu Peng's professionalism and support.

the most common place where Fu Peng stayed was the warehouse backstage in the studio, and the vast sea of goods were arranged by him in good order.

in the face of thousands of lipsticks, Li Jiaqi casually said one, and he could find out the lipstick in three seconds.

in order to facilitate Li Jiaqi's rapid selection of goods, he marks each item with a label, and the price, efficacy, and characteristics are clear at a glance.

while Li Jiaqi traveled all over the world, Fu Peng chose to stay in Shanghai all the time.

because he has to personally select goods to check and negotiate discounts with brands.

it can be said that a considerable part of Li Jiaqi's confidence in the studio comes from Fu Peng.

it is a pity that all this is eventually overshadowed by Li Jiaqi's increasingly shining halo.

on May 6, 2020, Fu Peng unusually appeared in the studio in the formal style of a shirt and tie, making a solemn bow to the camera.

Li Jiaqi announced that the assistant will be transferred to the background and will no longer work as an assistant.

later, Fu Peng's Weibo ID changed from "Li Jiaqi's little assistant" to his own name.

Look no further than bridal black gowns and radiate your elegant beauty. We have fantastic choices for your important dates!

five months later, he and Li Jiaqi's team were completely separated.

in the face of a new stage of life, Fu Peng's label is no longer a nameless "little assistant" and "tool man", but a "one contractor."

Yes, he can also become a "got talent".

he focuses on the play experience and introduces recommended business projects by shooting VLOG.

take a yacht, stay in a hotel, do SPA, and occasionally live with goods. In the camera, he is in the middle of the landscape, very uncomfortable.

nowadays, Fu Peng often appears in fashion shows of major brands. Even if he is in the same frame as a fashion blogger, he is as confident as he is, and his hands are all open.

and he and Li Jiaqi have not forgotten each other. According to netizens, the two are still "deeply bundled" and started a company together.

time goes back six years ago, two young people in their early 20s looked out of the window at the neon Shanghai on the first night of Shanghai Piao. They promised themselves and each other their future.

"when we earn 20 million yuan, we will go back to our hometown and live a leisurely life."

it is obvious that some goals have long been achieved, but some of them are difficult to find.

perhaps, life is like this, while constantly saying goodbye to the lost, while stubbornly pushing the horse and whipping.

in one "betrayal" after another, leave the past and the past to welcome growth and tomorrow.

then, meet in the splendid place.