35-year-old Shanghai supermodel dies, self-recorded video reveals the cruel truth: be yourself, quietly ferry man

35-year-old Shanghai supermodel dies, self-recorded video reveals the cruel truth: be yourself, quietly ferry man

The world of adults is the afterlife.

the world of adults

are all the rest of their lives

these two days, I was surprised to see a piece of news.

Zhu Yimo, a famous fitness beauty, has died at the age of 35.

the culprit is depression.

everyone in the industry knows that Zhu Yimo is a well-known fitness model, athlete and personal trainer. She has won the championship of the national fitness competition three times and the runner-up of the Asian Fitness Championship twice.

Zhu Ximo, born on December 21, 1986, graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University and used to be a senior marketing public relations manager.

I was also a fitness rookie at first. After quitting her job to become a freelancer and turning into a fitness athlete in 2014, she won the championship for the first time in a national competition.

many friends and netizens in the fitness circle have sent articles to mourn Zhu Ximo's untimely death.

famous sports blogger "Ling Yun MikeLing" shared a video of a recent interview with Zhu Simo on Weibo. According to Zhu, she has recovered from depression twice.

"Lingyun MikeLing" says on Weibo:

Lulu's first thought after coming out of depression was to share her experience and let more people understand and overcome depression, so we have the following interview.

but depression still took her away. I lost a good friend and a brave and kind person in the world.

at the beginning of the video, Zhu Ximo said that she felt sorry for everyone around her and even felt that it was superfluous to be alive. There are often inexplicable ideas, such as jumping off a building, car crashes and other extreme ideas.

Zhu admitted that he had been depressed and had been taking medicine: "but I am better and I have recovered, so I want to share my experience with more people."

in the video, Zhu Yimo looks very sunny and talkative, with a warm smile on his face.

what a nice girl. It's really sad that she's gone.

and how can his parents and relatives accept such a cruel truth?

some people say: the world of adults is the afterlife.

people who are usually lively and cheerful in front of their families and colleagues may have unknown injuries in their hearts.

in fact, the furthest distance between people is: I thought I was very familiar with the person in front of me, but in fact I had no understanding of his inner suffering and suffering.

how many people are beautiful on the surface, but in fact, their hearts are covered with bruises, and how many people have been deeply disappointed in the world, but want to smile in front of people until the moment of collapse.

you have never experienced despair

you don't understand

Zhu Xun, the host of CCTV, once talked about his early experience.

after paying her tuition, she had no money to live and chose to work-study.

the first job is cleaning toilets on the 1st to 18th floors, and the second job is washing dishes in the restaurant. At that time, she was as humble as a weed.

in the first year of studying abroad, she slept no more than four hours a day. She suffered from hemangioma because of overdraft.

before the surgical wound healed, she had to continue to work. As a result, the wound cracked and gauze, blood and pus stuck together.

Zhu Xun said that she cried secretly in the dark countless times, feeling that she had fallen into boundless darkness. Zhu Xun once suffered from depression and almost collapsed several times.

behind the original brilliance, there is also a broken soul.

Time to update your wardrobe and buy this term's fashionable ivory formal dress in plus size. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

Luyu said in chance encounter: "No matter who we are, we have experienced or are experiencing the darkest moments of our lives, which is a long, dark, cold and desperate tunnel."

many people around us are very secretive about this disease. In fact, it is all around us.

people with depression may laugh and live like normal people.

when it breaks out, the mountain falls and the earth falls apart.

the World Health Organization estimates that there are about 350 million patients worldwide.

Depression has become the second biggest killer of mankind after cancer.

you think the word is far away from you, but maybe your colleagues, friends and family are experiencing it.

Don't think that depression is all about thinking too much and being hypocritical. What they've been through, you haven't experienced, you don't understand.

it is actually a disease, like diabetes and hypertension, it should not be treated as mental illness, let alone be discriminated against by society.

you know, behind every sentence "I'm fine", there is "help me".

you are yourself

the silent ferryman

in recent years, there is a word called "sensible collapse", which means that you can only collapse quietly when you are extremely hurt, but you can only make sure that there are no consequences.

A few years ago, Cai Kangyong once interviewed Jackie Chan.

Cai Kangyong's first question is: "are you tired of making movies?"

just one sentence, let Jackie Chan cry for 15 minutes on the show. Cai Kangyong was at a loss for a moment.

the most desperate eldest brother in the film industry, the man who almost lost his life three times, took off all his camouflage and precautions because of such a simple question.

ChengMost of the time, the world of the old is really a sea of bitterness. don't underestimate the pressure and injuries that have accumulated over time.

I have a friend.

she likes reading, calligraphy, growing flowers and all the good things in life.

but she committed suicide one morning.

the trigger of depression is not complicated, and it may find you when you feel abandoned by the population and do not realize the meaning of life.

Zhihu once asked: "Why do I have to bear the unpleasant things in life alone every time?"

A highly praised answer is: "you know, everyone who learns to swim does not rely on the support of others."

Sanmao said:

"what is the heart like? it is like thousands of miles away, and there is no boat to cross. Apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help. "

in the final analysis, living in the world, we can only be alone, to experience the warmth of life, to shoulder the pressure of life, to resist the suffering of the journey.

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