2018, I think it's a little different.

2018, I think it's a little different.

Don't make your life a template.

near the end of the term, I not only have to prepare for the exam, but also write a year-end summary.

although I don't think there is anything to sum up in the past year, I have to deal with it because it is the final assignment assigned by the elective teacher.

wait until the day before deadline, I open the computer. After typing the title in the first line of the document, I habitually open the browser and start the template of Baidu's "year-end summary".

soon, I found thousands of related documents, applied one at random, changed it again, and finished my homework.

I don't know if it's because it's too easy, and the whole process takes less than ten minutes, which makes me uneasy.

later, my friends also sent me their year-end summary and asked me to print it together. I looked at their homework and found that the format was surprisingly consistent, and many paragraphs were exactly the same as what I saw on Baidu, word for word.

suddenly breathed a sigh of relief: that's what everyone does.

in retrospect, I can't remember when I started relying on templates.

maybe when I was in primary school, I wrote a message to my teacher on Teachers' Day, but I couldn't think of anything to say, so I found a template on the Internet; maybe in junior high school, I was punished for writing a review book when I was late, but I didn't know how to write it, so I used other people's models for reference; maybe in college, I had too many essays to deal with, so I didn't bother to think about it, so I applied the ready-made answer.

anyway, we have to admit that templates are really convenient.

Be in our stylishly fashionable formal long gowns in black. They are classic and flawless for any occasion.

however, behind "convenience" is often the "laziness" of a group of people.

just like there are so many "one-button settings" in mobile phones nowadays, we almost forget that there is something called "customization".

however, I soon found a way to comfort myself: it doesn't matter to be lazy about unimportant things.

"well, it's okay." That's how I convinced myself.

yesterday I had hot pot with an old friend and talked about it.

he reached out and hit me on the head, smiled and said: "you think too much, of course, the unimportant thing is to use the template, so that you can leave more time for important things."

but soon, he stopped smiling and bowed his head: "although, I don't know what's important."

through the white heat above the hot pot, I saw the confusion in his eyes.

Last month, he just finished the postgraduate exam, and he didn't know the result, so he was very contradictory. In his words, he was afraid that he wouldn't pass the exam, but he didn't really want to get in.

I asked him why, and he said with a little frustration, "I actually wanted to come out earlier, but several of my brothers, who I thought were very good, chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and they also said that the postgraduate entrance examination would be better for their own development in the future, so I took the exam, too."

after a pause, he added: "so my own life is like applying other people's templates."

it was only then that I realized that the most terrible thing about "template thinking" is that it will gradually become a stereotype, rooted in our minds, and if it is not well controlled, it will run out, occupy our reason, and dominate our behavior.

so one day, you look back and realize:

We are also starting to apply templates to things we like.


there are so many people around that they don't know what they want.

learn a major that you don't like but can accept, do a job that is not very happy but passable, and live a life that is not very meaningful but barely good.

that's enough.

it's like walking down the dark school road with my friend after eating hot pot. He looked up at the night sky, sighed and said, "it's nice to be able to make your life a template, right?"

I bowed my head and whispered, "Yes, it's very good."

this sentence seems to be said to him as well as to himself.

I don't know why, but there's always a voice in my heart shouting: "No, no, no."

I pretended not to hear you.

We who live in the template are not lazy, but afraid.

I was afraid that my choice was wrong, so I chose someone else's choice.

across different boundaries.

this song is rarely known, and there are not many comments. You can read it with a few strokes, and one of them says: life is interesting because of the unknown.

I hope that in 2018, we can all be brave and go to the unknown.

Music | go far away-Jin Zhiwen

Liu Bai

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