20 years let the wife pregnant 15 times, spoil the wife set to collapse! A warm man turns into a scumbag?

20 years let the wife pregnant 15 times, spoil the wife set to collapse! A warm man turns into a scumbag?

May all women love themselves more and have a truly free life.


A wife who has slept with her for 20 years suddenly filed for divorce.

what do you think it is?

Tian Lei feels that his wife must be having an affair.

Tian Lei and his wife Qian Jiawen were in love with each other for the first time.

the two met at 18 and got married at 21.

after 20 years of marriage, it can not be said to be rich, but it can be regarded as happy.

they have two lovely daughters.

also relies on steadfast work from starting from scratch to having a car and a house today.

husband and wife have never had any big emotional conflicts, and their life is full of hope.

but at the juncture when life is getting better and better, Qian Jiawen suddenly filed for divorce.

this puzzles Tian Lei.

but who expected Qian Jiawen to be determined to get a divorce anyway.

Tian Lei mobilized the whole family to persuade his wife to do ideological work, but Qian Jiawen was resolute.

Tian Lei still has real feelings for his wife, and he also wrote to his wife to save her heart.

but Qian Jiawen made it clear:

Tian Lei was puzzled: what happened to his wife?

think carefully about his wife's abnormal attitude and performance in the past year.

Tian Lei suspects:

the wife must be having an affair. Otherwise, she has no reason to divorce.

and Tian Lei thinks the most likely person to cheat is Wan Chao, the owner of the fruit supermarket near their home.

Tian Lei's suspicion is not groundless, but has a clue for a long time.

A long time ago, his wife Qian Jiawen met Wan Chao in the moments.

Tian Lei disagreed at first.

because his wife, who is always at home, suddenly wants to go out to do business with other men, which makes him feel a little uncomfortable.

but in the end, he couldn't beat Qian Jiawen and let her go.

as a result, Qian Jiawen really started a business with Wan Chao and began to sell fruit, and the two had to work outside day and night.

one master inside and one outside, like a young couple.

and his wife is not much at home because she is busy with this, and Tian Lei feels that her heart has flown.

and Tian Lei also found that since his wife partnered with Wan Chao in business:

she, who used to be simple, now often dresses herself up and pays attention to her image.

and Wan Chao's chat records also appear ambiguous words that have nothing to do with work from time to time.

it's all said on the Internet:

"when a woman starts to ignore her family, goes out early and comes home late and dresses up every day, it is 100% cheating.


Tian Lei is paranoid by nature, so this makes him confirm his suspicions.

in the end, there was nothing he could do, so he simply found Wan Chao face-to-face.

but I didn't get the answer I expected.

Wan Chao said that he did not have any improper relationship with Qian Jiawen.

the two of them are always called sister and brother.

and Wanchao basically goes out to buy goods during the day, and Qian Jiawen is responsible for looking at the store and operating in the store.

the two rarely see each other, let alone have any other contact.

in this way, Tian Lei was snuffed out.

he had no choice but to find Qian Jiawen and want to ask him face to face.

I didn't expect Qian Jiawen to say to him:

"in fact, the idea of divorce already exists, and it is not a sudden decision. I have been mentally prepared for this day for a long time. "

this makes Tian Lei even more confused.

only when the wife slowly reveals the reason, can people really understand the truth behind the story.

it turns out that in Tian Lei's eyes, a happy married life.

Qian Jiawen's heart is already riddled with holes.

in the 20 years since Qian Jiawen's marriage, the Tian family has been forcing her to have a son.

Qian Jiawen not only left the root of the incurable disease in her body, but also gradually appeared irreparable cracks in her heart.

under the torment of being used as a fertility tool day after day, after not being loved and understood by her husband.

Qian Jiawen finally couldn't stand it, and she didn't want to endure it any longer.

she doesn't feel her husband's respect:

she felt that her husband did not treat her as a human being at all. Otherwise, she will not be aborted again and again regardless of her physical condition.

she doesn't feel her husband's trust either:

otherwise, with more than 20 years of sharing joys and sorrows, companionship and care, the husband should not suspect that she will be unfaithful to the family.

when all the warmth dissipated, she finally chose to leave.

at this time, Tian Lei did not even realize the grievances and sufferings hidden in his wife's heart for many years.

still thinkingHe tried to force his wife to change her mind by withholding his wife's hukou book, sending harassment messages and other stupid ways.

but this will only be counterproductive, will only make Qian Jiawen more disgusted, and speed up her departure.

from beginning to end, Tian Lei did not understand what led to the end of their marriage.

A netizen said it well:

"God didn't teach you respect with 13 chances of being a girl.

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coincidentally, there is more than one Qian Jiawen in this society.

but not every woman can be as "lucky" as Qian Jiawen.

the reason why she is lucky is that Qian Jiawen can stop her loss in time, break up firmly in her heart, and make the right choice.

but there are still too many women who are still wronged to meet their unreasonable demands because of their husbands and in-laws' desire to have sons, and are still bound by their bodies, bodies and souls that should have been free.

just like Ms. Ren.

Ms. Ren from Guizhou is the pregnant woman with the largest amount of blood loss and blood transfusion in the history of Xiamen Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

after nearly seven hours of all-out rescue by doctors and nurses, she finally managed to get out of danger and gave birth to a son.

Ms. Ren is complicated with dangerous placenta previa.

during the operation, the bleeding was more than 20,000 milliliters, which was almost equivalent to the change of blood all over the body for 4 times.

and when she woke up the next day in a coma.

the first sentence asked is: "where is the child?" Is it a boy or a girl? "

when she learned that it was a baby boy, Ms. Ren looked excited:

"I can finally raise my head in front of my mother-in-law when I go back to my hometown this time!"

little did you know that Ms. Ren was already a mother of four children.

A woman, she is first a person, and then she becomes a wife.

she should first defend her right to choose as an independent adult, and then be responsible for her family and her partner.

in a marriage, husband and wife should be equal.

but in real life, almost all husband and wife relationships are out of balance in varying degrees.

Women are treated as a fertility machine, a resident role that must meet certain family responsibilities.

failing to meet the requirements of her husband or mother-in-law is an unqualified supporting role.

I don't deserve more shots and plays, so I can only hide in the corner and bear it alone.

but is this really right?

A good wife is surrounded by the love of her partner and gives back more love to her family.

when you give her enough respect and care, put her in the same place and love her like you love yourself.

you will find:

an enviable marriage never falls from the sky, but is carefully cultivated.

Women should also know:

whether it is the body or mind, the final choice and decision are only in their own hands!

blindly giving in and agreeing without a bottom line will only push yourself further and further away from the relationship.

respect and happiness will never be achieved in this way.

May all women love themselves more and have a truly free life.

encourage each other.